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How RWBY has improved in its fifth volume

ANIME, DISCUSSION – Last Monday, RWBY has unveiled a character short teaser featuring one of the main characters, Weiss Schnee. This teaser is the first of the other character shows that will be live as the release of Volume 5 draws near.

One thing to note about this video is how it shows Rooster Teeth’s improvements when it comes to animation and production quality.

Let’s get right to it!

If you’ve followed RWBY, ever since its release on 2013, you would see the huge gap when it comes to animation quality. The series started off as Rooster Teeth’s vision to create an animated series that would rival that of anime along with Monty Oum’s incredible direction for fight scenes.

Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum was a great combo for this series and gave us what “girls with big, arse weapons” would look and feel like.

At first, it was a little wonky with some odd movements from the characters. There was no fluidity and grace present in the animation but it was all overshadowed mostly by Monty Oum’s impressive direction of fight scenes which he is most notable for in this series.

However, as Monty Oum passed away, the crew of RWBY went into a standstill. The community thought this would hamper the efforts and quality pumped into this promising new series that was well into its third volume.

It was great to see Rooster Teeth used this saddening event as a sort of drive to make sure that this show was something the original creator would be proud of – and yes, it has.

Weiss’ character short displayed how Rooster Teeth has improved its production and animation quality throughout the span of four volumes in over three years. This video shows how fast and wonderful the series has become.

The character models have been thoroughly improved and detailed. Emotions are now well-portrayed on the characters’ faces ever since in the third and fourth volumes. Kinetic actions have been smoothed out  and the once wonky character models have now has this wonderful movement to them.


If you just look at that wonderful expression in Weiss’ face as she draws out fire from her saber, it just shows how much detail and effort has been made for this character short which will hopefully be consistent throughout the fifth volume.


The fluidity of how Weiss takes a deep breath before she swings her saber around to make a move is just a wonderful sight to behold.

Weiss’ Character Short Vol. 1
Weiss’ Character Short Vol. 5

Take a look at these two GIFs.

Just look at the disparity when it comes to the fluidity, the particles – the animation, in general, between the Volumes 1 and 5 Weiss Character Shorts.

With this short, the expectations I have for RWBY’s fifth volume is so high and there’s nothing but hype when it comes to this show.

What about you? Have you seen the Weiss’ character short? Are you excited for this new volume? Share in the comments below!

Rooster Teeth has announced that RWBY’s fifth volume will be released on October 14th, 2017 on Rooster Teeth FIRST and their Youtube channel, Rooster Teeth.

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