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RWBY: More mistakes made than any man | OWLS “Adapt” Blog Tour

It is wonderful to be back at writing for another OWLS blog tour. However, the circumstances between the last time I wrote for a blog tour and this one are extraordinarily different. Back then, I was taking about the grandiose idea of peace with the onset of the Inter-Korean summit and comparing it with Avatar: The Last Airbender. Now, we’re in a dark time with the global health crisis affecting our families and communities. This brings us to this month’s prompt put forward by the OWLS blog tour:

Personal Entries

Catching up, rebooting and quarantine

With the inconvenience of community lockdowns and quarantines afoot, it would really seem that I have run out of excuses to avoid doing the things that have been missing from my radar in so long. One of those “missing-from-the-radar” things would be writing for this blog that I still love up until now. It has been a personal outlet for my interests in writing, anime, and the act of conveying my ideas to an audience. Being that the case, I feel that I have some sort of obligation to keep people who still snoop around this blog on what has been happening so far.

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The fight for peace in Avatar – OWLS “Movement” Blog Tour

No matter whatever world we are presented with – be it the real or the fiction, there is always that one end goal put forward: peace. This concept varies on the individual and we all want a little bit of peace. Every person would go to any length they deem necessary to find “peace,” whatever it is. Because of this desire, we join groups, movements, filled with people who believe in the same things as we do. But it’s not all black and white as we would like to believe.

Anime Reviews

Review – Violet Evergarden

With the release of a few short previews, an exclusive first episode premiere event to lucky selected individuals in Japan and in an anime convention, and an excessive amount of hype following that, Violet Evergarden had become the most anticipated anime series of 2018. Although, a good number of people were disappointed in the show, it has a significant place in my heart.


The Disappearance of Kyon

#12DaysOfAnime – As December hits up, figuring out what to watch throughout the holiday is one of the common things we usually do. Something that allows us to feel that spirit of joy and warmth on a month usually characterized by cool weather and snow (though we don’t have that from where I am from). With that, one movie comes to mind – The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Anime Discussions

How Death Parade portrays fear of the end

#12DaysOfAnime – As the year starts to end, I find myself contemplating on the stuff that I have experienced this year. It has been a roller-coaster ride of emotions for me, both online and in real life, as I piece together what every event actually means to me.

Anime Versus

Anime versus Harem protagonists

“Anime versus” is a new series I am starting where I talk about anime characters, shows, tropes and the like – their quirks and negative attributes, then show you a fresh perspective for the chosen topic. Every week, a topic or “case” will be chosen and we try to give a “verdict” on it.

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The dark side of anime’s influence – is it real?

As of late, an article headline regarding a Japanese politician linking anime, gaming and violent tendencies among criminals has ended up in my Twitter timeline. This discussion was raised in a political discussion talk show after mention of a recent serial murder case that happened in Japan’s Kenagawa Prefecture where police have reported to have discovered dead bodies in the criminal’s apartment.

Anime Week Spotlight

“I fall in love with you through a robot” should be anime

Last week, an animated promotional video advertisement for a Yusuke Yamada’s light novel titled “Boku wa Robot Goshi no Kimi ni Koi wo Suru (I fall in love with you through a robot” began streaming.

Gaming Week Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Brotherhood in War (Call of Duty WW2)

IN THE SPOTLIGHT – It is, indeed, a rare occasion for me to cover a video game. The majority of the stuff I write about is mostly about anime and its community. However, something as interesting as Call of Duty WW2‘s release was to good to be ignored. After binging through videos of the game’s walkthrough, I can see that it can contend with its rival, Battlefield 1.