Lapse: how an overarching story can help

In an attempt to fight off the boredom that I have been experience for the past few weeks, I went and browsed the games section of the Google Play Store. As I went through the whole roster of games, I just realized that the majority of games are getting more on to the leader boards and such – but that’s not the point here.

Games rich with story, strategy and science fiction have always peaked my interest ever since childhood. From the still-popular Starcraft: Brood War to Stellaris, the list of games that I currently play go along the genres of fiction, drama, and science.

Although the lack of really good strategy games in the Google Play Store is a real letdown with the exception of games like the Dictator series, the Lifeline series and others, it seems that I might have found a good one –  Lapse: A Forgotten Future.

What is Lapse?

Lapse is a mobile, strategy game that puts you in the position of a country’s leader beyond the year 2075. The goal is to ensure that you make the right decisions in order to lead your people into prosperity in an apocalyptic world as a result of a nuclear war.


That and you have to ensure that your decisions don’t plunge your country into chaos or get invaded by another country. With just a simple swipe of a card, you will make some of the most hardest decision which will affect your entire gaming experience. Literally.

The twist

Instead of the usual decision-making, swipe left or right, strategy games, Lapse is different. You are introduced into the game by an unknown entity that tells you to fix everything or else everyone is doomed.

Although it is the typical introduction for a tutorial, that prompt stays with you throughout your whole experience. Whenever you lose the game and reset, the year changes. From 2075, you will be progressing to the years onward with some new situations which will affect you in the present or in the future.


There is this over-arching story line where the game suggest that you actually revive every single time you fail but you are transported to a different year. As you keep on dying, reviving and moving through the years, you will realize what your existence really is.

Sometimes redundant but logical to the story

Despite the scenarios being presented to the player can be sometimes boring and redundant, it actually plays to the whole time-loop setting the game tries to put you in. Remember – you are dying and getting revived into different years and times, with new different scenarios and characters to choose from.

The decisions you might make as you swipe the cards left and right will seem rather insignificant but trust me – the majority of the crucial decisions you will make in this game will affect you despite reviving.


I think this is what made me glued to the game for hours and hours on end. It has this science fiction vibe, the story is rich despite the scenarios being repetitive and overall, it is a good game with a lot of potential.

The game is essentially a race against time. Will you be successful or succumb to the radioactive environment around you?

Here’s to make this clear: I did not get sponsored for this. The game was such a good experience and I felt like it would have made for a great share.

Go ahead – try this game and let me know about your experiences with it. Or, you can leave some game suggestions in the comments below for others to see!

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