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Miandro’s Spotlight – So many trailers!

Miandro’s Spotlight is a weekly blog update rounding up what has been happening to the blog such as the latest posts, what’s caught my eye, and what I plan for the near future.

A cold week in December

Fortunately, the country where I live in does not bear the burdens that come with snow. The sad part is that we are right in the gates of the storm-making hell that is the Pacific Ocean.

Last Wednesday, December 13th, the air started to roll in that chilling wind coming from the northern hemisphere. Coupled with a typhoon and another one developing, the temperatures throughout the weekend went as low as almost twelve degrees Celsius apparently.

Last time I checked it was about twenty-two degrees Celsius, which is basically the common temperature for an air-conditioned room in this area. Not only that but the non-stop raining has hindered my ability to dish out articles, most specifically my second one for the 12 Days of Anime.

Glad that the internet connection here has stabilized and hoping that it will stay that way throughout the holidays.

Week’s Reactions

RWBY Volume 5, Episodes 8 & 9

The eighth episode provided a new, interesting character development for Ilia in regards to her relationship with Blake and how she viewed Adam, the leader of the White Fang. Glad to see that tension and suspense is becoming the driving force of entertainment for this volume.

It was nice to see the Belladonas in a fight as well as new members from the White Fang being introduced. Things are also stirring up on Raven’s side as she is visited by some of Seylum’s lieutenants – Watts, Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury. Looking forward to how Raven and her tribe would respond to this development.

Violet Evergarden’s 4th PV

Kyoto Animation lives up to its name of providing high quality animation coupled with moe characters.

It was wonderful of them to provide two minutes and thirty seconds of dialogue and teaser scenes for this upcoming title. I am so hyped for this anime to release next year – with the film quality animation and wonderful OST, even though it’s just one song being played so far.

Liz and the Blue Bird Teaser

Yet another Kyoto Animation work, this preview or teaser video shows some sort of promise. Also, I am quite biased since I’m a huge fan of KyoAni works.

Anyways, this seems to be an interesting path for this studio to go for as the animation presented in the teaser, though without a doubt gorgeous, seems to be going for that sketch-styled look.

Looks quite a bit rough with the lines and the setting intrigues me – is it Hibike! Euphonium‘s distant cousin? Quite interested for this show which apparently is going out on April next year.

Interesting stuff

What would a Star Wars Space Battle look like?

This video, made by Play Noggin, is an interesting watch that talks about what would actual space battles be like if we had that kind of technology in our hands.

It is a really informative video that showcases how plasma/laser cannons would work, how a space fighter jet would maneuver in zero air environments and is it even necessary to have a space battle in the first place.

I suggest you check this one out! Also, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out so I assumed this was a good thing to share.

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5 replies on “Miandro’s Spotlight – So many trailers!”

are you in the capital? i hear the net is abysmal there.and a slow internet is annoying and defeating.
lol, on the bright side, the weather is no longer fluctuating from dsuper cold to super hot. well, until this typhoon finally hits. i hope not on xmas day itself like last year.
and lol, we’re talking about the wheather. how odd.


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