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Sagrada Reset – Episode 2

REACTION – I am extremely infuriated about this episode right now. Not only does it feel too absurd, it’s going at a ridiculously faster pace than usual. The first episode had a slower pace which was both boring but acceptable given the genre, but right now, it’s just out of whack.


The episode’s main event was to help out Mari and persuade her mother not to leave her alone in Sakurada.

A group of high school students. I repeat, a group of HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS managed to psycho-analyze an adult woman and convinced her of staying with her child, which she created using an ability, just because our main character thought it was wrong.

It would’ve been better if the problem at hand was something realistic and can be solved by a bunch of high school students – but no, it’s just became a complex situation in a span of twenty minutes.

The thing that bugged me was the instant development of romantic feelings between Haruki and Kei. It happened too fast and feels too fabricated to be a legit romantic relationship between the too. There was a really bad kiss scene – no emotions, no proper conversation, no reason, no nothing.

At least, it was acknowledged by the main character that Haruki “might be confusing trust with love” but still, it’s just too goddamn fast.


After that, Sumire Sona dies after taking a hike in the mountains. Prior to the whole confession scene, Sumire talked with Kei after the whole Mari situation and pointed out that he’s making the whole thing as an excuse to feel righteous – which, for me, is a valid fact.

But when she told Kei that “you love Haruki, don’t you?” Kei just, downright, says yes – which is pretty much me going like… why?

This episode was a mix of hate and love due to the points I mentioned before. It was too fast in terms of story pacing, character were developing in weird ways, but the setting still shows some bit of promise.

I hope this series doesn’t drive itself right into a wall. At the moment, it’s pulling a Charlotte episode two.