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Review – Eromanga-sensei

ANIME, REVIEW – There are some shows that people would highly regard as the most morally wrong settings but get entertained by it. You can call these shows everyone’s “guilty pleasure” – they know that the show is complete garbage and yet can’t help but get entertained.

Ladies and gentlemen, one of those shows is Eromanga-sensei.

Anime Reactions

Eromanga-sensei – Episode 7

REACTION – The episode starts off where we left off as Muramasa states that she does not will for Masamune’s dream to succeed as it goes in the way of her own dream.

Masamune works hard in producing a sixty-page short story using the same plot of his “hundred-page love letter” of a story, with the assistance of Elf Yamada. He finishes his work barely before the deadline but is visited by Muramasa in his own home.

Anime Reactions

Eromanga-sensei – Episode 5

REACTION – This anime series has probably taken a blunt move and that is acknowledging Sagiri’s romantic love for her older brother, Masamune. After reading the “300-page love letter” of a manuscript, Izumi and Sagiri somewhat confess their feelings for each other? But not at the same wavelengths.


Masamune says that he loves her sister, but only as an older brother. Whilst Sagiri hints that she likes someone which is the anime way of saying “I like you but I don’t want to admit liking you so you’ll have to live in agony not knowing what I truly feel” kind of statement.

This is very evident when the episode starts off with Izumi making breakfast and wants to go inside Sagiri’s room to talk about “something important.” As per her response, Sagiri quickly changes to somewhat more revealing clothes from her usual pajamas. Hinting that she may want her older brother to make advances with her.

I applaud this anime series for getting right down on the imminent incest premise to be shown in the story. In fact, it fills the anime series with some sort of tension, disbelief and entertainment for most viewers.

But then again, Masamune is the usual dense main male character who can’t take a single hint from any woman making romantic advances towards him.


Another great part of this episode is the meeting between Sagiri, as Eromanga-sensei, and Elf Yamada. I like how Sagiri just acts as if she’s this leech of an old man behavior towards Yamada, just to get her somewhat disgusted and disinterested, therefore making her leave their household.

What happens is that Elf Yamada doesn’t take the bait and proceeds to interact with Eromanga-sensei, to the point of actually showing her panties to Eromanga-sensei just because she wanted an illustration. Of course, Masamune saw that and was left confused.

It was kind of annoying but relieving that Masamune is just that good of an older brother character and tries to do whatever is good for her little sister. He sees the meeting of Sagiri and Elf Yamada as a sort of new friendship. Much to Megumi’s displeasure, since she wanted to be Sagiri’s first friend.

Later near the end of the episode, Masamune is told by Sagiri that she’s stuck to drawing loli-characters and needs more “inspiration” – meaning Masamune must invite more girls to the household (wait this is all too familiar).


Masamune is called by Megumi and they meet up in the local bookstore where Masamune first meets Tomoe. He, then, opens up with a proposition to be some sort of “reference model” for Eromanga-sensei by “showing your panties to Eromanga-sensei.”

Comedic and flustered grill ensues.

Megumi comes out and devises a plan to befriend Sagiri – to buy “creepy otaku books” and share with Sagiri.

Oh, dear lord, where will this take us?

The episode, overall, was a mixture of tension, humor and disbelief. Mainly because the two main characters, Sagiri and Masamune, are operating at different wavelengths when it comes to each other’s perception of love for the other.

It was humorous because of the meeting between Eromanga-sensei and Elf Yamada. Tension was felt because of Megumi’s plan.

I love where the anime series is taking its story but at the same time, I worry for the character and relationship development of Sagiri and Masamune. Is it going to end up like Oreimo where they end up getting married and act as if nothing happened a few days after? Will it become a harem? Probably. Will I get triggered later down the road if Masamune gets a girlfriend but dumps her for his sister? Yes, I might.


In short: help me, I’m weaboo trash.

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 5

Day 5: Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoyed


Throughout my viewing experience in anime, the one series that I’m ashamed that I enjoyed so much was Oreimo. Not because of the obvious reasons that it portrays incest and taboo relations but that it wasn’t that good of a series.

I praise Oreimo way too much than what it’s worth. I even go to lengths such as suggesting them or forcing friends to watch this anime series when in fact, it is not worth it.

Granted, Oreimo is not all bad if you’re positive about it but the thing is the negatives outweigh the positives for this anime series. The flow of the story was confusing, the characters were not well developed except for a few of them, the ending was not well executed – overall, it was not the great series as I acclaim it to be.

It is probably because of my bias when it comes to unusual premises which are used in anime. Like the incest taboo is very much unusual to the general public and to have an anime series use it in its story is kind of weird and off.

But despite all of that, I could say that enjoy Oreimo so much that I go on and think about what went wrong and how to resolve these issues that happens within the series.


Things like what if Kyousuke did not see anything at all in Kirino. Because seriously, in the first place, Kyousuke’s admiration of his own little sister was kind of forced and out of place. He just broke up with Kuroneko, a cute and amazing female love interest just for his brat of a little sister.

This is where I lose my enjoyment for the series.

But overall, I pretty much had fun and was entertained while watching Oreimo and I am quite confused at myself why is that the case for someone like me.

Do I have some sort of weird liking in relation to things that are taboo? Do I want to be hurt? Am I a masochist? Honestly, I can’t answer that properly since I, myself, have no clue why I liked this anime series so much than what it actually is.

Oreimo was definitely a controversial series which is why I’m regularly judged by people who hear me say that it was probably one of the most entertaining anime I’ve watched thus far.

Anime Reactions

Eromanga-sensei – Episode 3 & 4

REACTION – For the first time in this series, we have some sort of definite goal to look forward from these two episodes.


In the third episode, we get to see that Elf Yamada has just move in to a house near Izumi’s, much to his surprise. He encounters the young author stark naked whilst playing the piano and you all know the drill too well – “HENTAI! B-B-BAKA~!”

So Izumi gets to explore Yamada’s new house and they talked about getting hold of Eromanga-sensei which Yamada doesn’t know that Eromanga-sensei is actually Izumi’s younger sister, Sagiri. One thing led to another and we have a duel between two successful authors for the illustrative work of Eromanga-sensei.

One must make an interesting manuscript that can interest Eromanga-sensei and if he or she does, Eromanga-sensei will work for the winner. Although Sagiri doesn’t know much about this deal, it continues anyways.


It was quite entertaining how Sagiri misunderstood the whole meeting with Yamada every day as “she’s going to steal my onii-chan!” when in fact, that’s not the case.

On to the fourth episode, Izumi tries his very best to witness Yamada-sensei at work but alas, typical lazy arse loli girl who won’t do anything until the last minute (kind of like every procrastinating student).

So instead we get to see an interesting side of Yamada’s character – how she views writing light novels as a hobby that should not be rushed. But that wouldn’t apply to Izumi who writes light novels for a living, not a hobby. Still it motivates Izumi as Yamada cooks him a meal or too and reasons that she is “working” by getting a reference of how a person feels when his or her work is being praised.

With that inspiration in mind, Izumi goes on and works on the best idea he has in mind: what he loves most (hint: Sagiri). So he goes on and writes this manuscript about how his little sister is a cool illustrator and all that jazz.

When Izumi shows it off, he sees Yamada last-minute typing her own manuscript much to his surprise. So on to the showdown, the two exchange manuscripts and read them.

Izumi goes on and says that Yamada’s work is interesting but Yamada begs to differ saying that “I cannot beat something this inspired” and goes on to say that it’s a one-book love letter for Izumi’s little sister – much to his embarrassment.

Yamada cedes the match and gives the win to Izumi because of this.


Izumi shows it off to Sagiri hesitantly and explains why has he been hanging out with Yamada for the past few days. Izumi reasons out about the whole contest-match thing and Sagiri tells him that she thought he was getting taken away since Sagiri could not draw some illustrations that Izumi wanted. To which, Izumi denies and says that its fine.

It is at this point that the series shows off the sibling relationship between Izumi and Sagiri – how the two have gone in life through thick and thin. The two dream of creating the best light novel series and have an anime adaptation come out of it.

Overall, these two episodes were entertaining and great to watch. As its showing now, it may not lean the same way as Oreimo did with its story but here’s hoping it really doesn’t.

Anime Discussions

Where Oreimo went wrong

DISCUSSION – With the release of the new anime series, Eromanga-sensei, it made me draw comparisons between this series and Oreimo. The same format – we’ve got an unreasonably nice big brother who has a brat of a sister that doesn’t appreciate what he does for her.


However, I would like to believe that Eromanga-sensei is doing it better (so far) than Oreimo.

In Oreimo, the little sister Kirino is depicted as this brat, otaku little sister who has a really good social standing that doesn’t really appreciate his out-of-this-world nice older brother. Throughout the run of the anime series, Kirino gets slowly brushed aside.

The main character Kyousuke ends up with one of Kirino’s friends, Ruri or more commonly known by the community as Kuroneko. It was a great relationship in anime series. It made sense, it worked and was adorable to witness.


However, the series makes a hard turn for the worse as it decides to just destroy the Kuroneko x Kyousuke ship and makes the older brother go for his little sister. Now I have no strong feelings when it comes to taboo depicted in anime with the the reasoning that if it makes the plot better, then I’m all for it.

Oreimo just doesn’t do that, at all.

We have the wincest ship – a poorly-made ship. If the relationship had a reason for existing and it worked, I would’ve ignored any sort of moral taboo going on in an anime series. But no, it just doesn’t work that way.

Oreimo went bad because of several reasons.

  1. The Kyousuke x Kirino pairing was sudden and had no logical reason to exist.
  2. Suddenly they’re all lovey-dovey, like what the hell.
  3. They don’t go through it to the end.

If the anime series did not commit these mistakes, it would’ve panned out better. It would not have been the best anime series but at least, it would make some sort of sense.

I understand that the author was warned that he could not portray incestuous relationships since the company adapting the source material felt it was too sensitive. But if that were the case, then at least, the writer could not have chosen this ending.


In the Playstation Portable game adaptation of the series, Kirino and Kyousuke were not blood-related siblings which was… kind of okay? I guess? But the difference between an anime adaptation from a game adaptation is that the PSP version was visual novel. In visual novels, you can choose any heroine you want.

In the anime adaptation, we are forced to witness this one single route that we are not aware of its end nor the events that happen along it.

Some people have avoided Oreimo because of the incest aspect of it when we can watch Game of Thrones that portrays some sort of incestuous relationship or some other television or movie film.

Oreimo had something but it didn’t know what to do with it.


I hope that Eromanga-sensei tries something that makes sense, is not sudden and at the end of it all, entertaining for its viewers.

What about you? What do you think about anime series like Oreimo and Eromanga-sensei?

Leave a comment below.

(also sagiri best grill)

Anime Reactions

Eromanga-sensei – Episode 2

REACTION – Welcome to the second episode of “It’s not Oreimo, what are you talking about, Onii-chan? B-b-baka!” the anime series.

This episode started off with Masamune’s inability of produce a good manuscript for another light novel series. Since he has decided to make writing as a source of income, he has been dishing out one manuscript after the other in order to get at least one serialized – but none have done so.

We are introduced to a rival light novel author, Elf Yamada, as she tries to reach Eromanga-sensei (which is Masamune’s sister, mind you) to illustrate for her light novel series and pointing out that she is a much more famous individual than Masamune.

Out of fear, Masamune tries to somewhat “please” her little sister to not accept the offer but it doesn’t seem she is aware of such thing.


Intro new sister love rival, Megumi Jinno, who enters the Izumi home to persuade Sagiri in returning to school – much to Sagiri’s displeasure. She uses Masamune to discourage Megumi from getting her to school but the plan backfires.

After that, we get the awesome somewhat-NTR sauce scene which was hilarious.


Sagiri acting all annoyed, jealous and flustered while Megumi seduces Masamune. I was so bewildered when Megumi introduced herself and said that “I love d*cks, everyone in my age likes them!” The reaction from Masamune was just goddamn hilarious and priceless: “What has Japan come to?


Overall, the episode was merely an entertaining one because of the whole Sagiri, Megumi and Masamune interaction and Masamune’s desperation to keep his little sister by his side – it was just one hell of a funny episode.

Eromanga-sensei is becoming a series that I watch out of pure enjoyment and stress-relief. I’m looking forward to more entertaining episodes.

Also, RIP Masamune since he won’t be taking care of Sagiri’s laundry anymore after all that NTR and revelation sauce :^)

Anime First Looks

Eromanga-sensei – Episode 1

FIRST LOOK – Eromanga-sensei focuses on two step-siblings who are now living by themselves after their parents die in an accident. The older brother, Masamune Izumi, is a light novel author studying in high school while his little sister, Sagiri, is a shut-in who hasn’t left her room due to her mother’s death.


The funniest thing about this is that Izumi realizes that his little sister is, in fact, the anonymous online illustrator “Eromanga” that contributes to his light novel’s art. So yeah, Sagiri opens up to her older brother about the whole “Eromanga” business (although she’s a bit embarrassed about her pen name) to which Izumi accepts the entire thing.

The thing about this series is that it portrays a sibling relationship that is too perfect where both siblings are pretty much one step closer to romance (I’m looking at you, Oreimo). Some argue that a situation where two siblings agree on each other is very rare, and I, personally, agree on that being that I have my own sibling and we get along pretty nicely (seriously).


This series is not at all unique when it comes to its story, its animation but it is definitely entertaining. If I were to bring up a comparison, it would be similar to Oreimo – a series where a brother realizes that her goody two shoes of a sister is actually a hardcore otaku.

With that comparison and the exchanges that Izumi and Sagiri were having in their whole “opening up” scene, I am led to suspect that the little sister has some romantic feelings for her older brother. I won’t even be surprised if it takes that turn because of what we’ve witnessed from Oreimo.

Plus points since the original author of Eromanga-sensei is also the same one who made Oreimo. So, yep, we know where this is going, lads.

Well, at least, the little sister isn’t that much of a brat compared to Kirino. Sagiri is much more reasonable and logical to deal with than “I love my onii-chan and no one will have him.” But that still remains to be seen.


Overall, this first episode was definitely something entertaining to watch. If you ever watched Oreimo’s first episode, you’d probably get the similar vibe. Now, on to the second episode!