30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 28

Day 28: Favorite Quote from any Anime Character

Quotes can affect us in many different ways. Some people use it as to motivate themselves while others use it as part of their life philosophy. I could categorize myself as the second type of people when it comes to this quote.

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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 3

DAY 3: Favorite Male Character Ever As of now, I would say that the best and my favorite male character ever would be Hikigaya Hachiman. For me, Hachiman is probably the most relatable character out there considering we operate on the same things. In real life, I usually try to look into the negative side of people’s actions, try to be really logical, and dismiss people’s … Continue reading 30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 3

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 2

DAY 2: Favorite Anime I’ve Watched So Far Throughout the years, I have had many favorite anime series but as of late, I love the anime series, My Teen Romantic Comedy: SNAFU or to some its called Oregairu. I have a very great interest in stories that try to tackle the psychological and reasoning aspects of the characters. In this series, we focus on our main characters Hikigaya, Yui, … Continue reading 30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 2