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Darling in the FRANXX is taking a nosedive and its not stopping

Throughout its current broadcast period, Darling in the FRANXX has received various criticisms – both good and bad. However, in its later episodes, it has sparked conversation and salt in the community on its romantic developments. Now, it went for a full-speed nosedive and it’s not showing any signs of stopping.

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Darling in the FRANXX and how its been great despite the uproar from fans

After drawing flak from the vast corners of the community, Darling in the FRANXX has received so much criticism for its story and characters. It became such a hot topic to the point of alleged reports involving fans sending threats to members of the production for creating a point in this show’s story in which many will never accept. For this individual, I would like to put my finger into this show – why anger coming from its fans is a testament to how effective it is as a show.

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Guilty Crown’s cycle of trust issues

ANIME, DISCUSSIONS – After listening to the opening theme song for the anime series, Guilty Crown, which is My Dearest by the Japanese band supercell, I couldn’t help but get interested in this show. The visuals and lyrics of the song felt tied to the story of the show and I had to know what was the whole deal.

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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 11

Day 11: Favorite Mech Anime

The feelings I have when it comes to the mech genre are the same with the shonen genre. For me, these two genres feel too repetitive and rely too much on the action – while it does work, it doesn’t appeal to me as a viewer. I tend to watch anime that cater to much more deeper elements like the slice-of-life, romance, psychological, fantasy and all similar genres.

However, there was this one anime series that caught my eye a few seasons ago. The plot revolved around a timeline where Mars became livable and created their own government thus splitting factions with the United Earth government. As a result, the two factions from Mars and Earth are at constant rivalry.


This anime series is no other than Aldnoah.Zero.

Aldnoah.Zero caught my eye because it gave me the idea: what if such a scenario were to occur in the future where Martian colonizers from Earth were to separate themselves from us and form their own faction?

The first season of Aldnoah.Zero introduced its main character Inaho and a world were Earth and Mars are currently “at peace” – I say this because there are still tensions from both factions similar to how North Korea and South Korea are having right now.

Then the series introduced some sort of new Martian technology called Aldnoah Drives which were somewhat superior than Earth technology, thus advancing the Martian colonizers in terms of tech and science.

This was a key factor to note of since when the war broke out in the anime series, Earth was completely at the mercy of the Martian invaders. All government and military centers were wiped out in a matter of hours – thinking about such scenario if it happened in real life intrigued me.


The anime series also shows this sort of developing rivalry between the main character Inaho and main villain Slaine, who both are loyal to the Martian Princess Asseylum. Why? Well, first off, Asseylum wanted peace between both factions which gained her the trust of Inaho and Slaine taught Asseylum about the beauty of Earth.

The second season was rather disappointing since Inaho was depicted as being an overpowered character which made me hate him as much as I hated Kirito from Sword Art Online. Slaine became a bad luck Brian who had some good ideals but had a twisted way of achieving them. Lastly, the Princess ended up being married to another Martian noble which… was pretty much a letdown.


Honestly, Aldnoah.Zero had a lot of flaws as an anime series but its setting was quite intriguing which made me like it in the first place. It was a shame that they didn’t give it much attention and stuck to the action, rivalry, letdown romance sub-plots and so on.