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Finding meaning in something that is lost (OWLS Blog Tour)

As someone new to this, it is a great pleasure to be participating in the 8th OWLS Blog Tour. Last Monday, Zoe from Let’s Talk Anime talked about self-acceptance in the film, A Silent Voice. If you have not had the pleasure of reading it, I suggest you should give the article a few moments of your time. Thanks and I hope that this article will pique your interests.

“Treasure” Blog Tour

There are moments in our lives where we lose our sense of self-worth and value and as a result, we find ourselves deep in darkness or drowning in the ocean. However, every person in this world is a treasure—we treasure ourselves or we are treasured by others—and at times, we may need to be reminded of that.


For this month’s topic, we will be exploring pop culture characters who have suffered from mental illnesses, depression, and/or suicide. We will be discussing how these individuals cope with these issues, the reasons for their emotions, and how they handled the situations they are in.

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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 24

Day 24: Moment that shocked you the most in any anime

There were a lot of moments which I could say have shocked me. Although most of them were forgettable except for that one scene in anime series called Your Lie in April. It was the most obvious outcome but still got me really surprised. The scene was executed in such a way that you knew it was coming but it still hit you right in the head.

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 13

Day 13: Anime Character that I am most similar to

If I were to pick out an anime character that shares most of my traits, I would have a tough time deciding who fits me best. Let’s just say that my traits are very contradicting to some extent and I end up being similar to a lot of characters.


For starters, I could be a mix of Oreki Houtarou and Hikigaya Hachiman since I have a very lazy personality and operate by reading between the lines, assuming the worst in every situation. At the same time, I end up helping and being friendly to other people which ends up me being somewhat similar to Hachiman – although I’m not really that much concerned when it comes to peers.

It is possible that I could be similar to Keima Katsuragi since I am pretty much in the “life is such a shitty game” phase and I had a similar experience when it comes to the whole Chihiro and Keima fiasco wherein I ended up flirting with someone but wasn’t expecting any mutual affection so, yeah, you get the picture.

I could be compared to Kousei Arima since I am a pianist and at the same time, I am pretty much soft-spoken to people who I don’t know but end up being close and interactive to my friends and colleagues.


Honestly, I have a hard time picking out an anime character that resembles me the most. If there was a character with the same personalities as Oreki Houtarou, Hikigaya Hachiman, Keima Katsuragi and Kousei Arima, then that’d be probably the character I’d pick for this.

But alas, I don’t know any anime character that resembles me the most. I can’t even narrow out from the four characters I mentioned just now since in a sense, Oreki is almost there, Hikigaya is too extreme, Keima and Kousei are only similar on some aspects.

So I guess Oreki is the closest to my personality? Honestly, I’m pretty much iffy about it.

Any other characters that come to mind? Let me know in the comments.