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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 13

Day 13: Anime Character that I am most similar to

If I were to pick out an anime character that shares most of my traits, I would have a tough time deciding who fits me best. Let’s just say that my traits are very contradicting to some extent and I end up being similar to a lot of characters.


For starters, I could be a mix of Oreki Houtarou and Hikigaya Hachiman since I have a very lazy personality and operate by reading between the lines, assuming the worst in every situation. At the same time, I end up helping and being friendly to other people which ends up me being somewhat similar to Hachiman – although I’m not really that much concerned when it comes to peers.

It is possible that I could be similar to Keima Katsuragi since I am pretty much in the “life is such a shitty game” phase and I had a similar experience when it comes to the whole Chihiro and Keima fiasco wherein I ended up flirting with someone but wasn’t expecting any mutual affection so, yeah, you get the picture.

I could be compared to Kousei Arima since I am a pianist and at the same time, I am pretty much soft-spoken to people who I don’t know but end up being close and interactive to my friends and colleagues.


Honestly, I have a hard time picking out an anime character that resembles me the most. If there was a character with the same personalities as Oreki Houtarou, Hikigaya Hachiman, Keima Katsuragi and Kousei Arima, then that’d be probably the character I’d pick for this.

But alas, I don’t know any anime character that resembles me the most. I can’t even narrow out from the four characters I mentioned just now since in a sense, Oreki is almost there, Hikigaya is too extreme, Keima and Kousei are only similar on some aspects.

So I guess Oreki is the closest to my personality? Honestly, I’m pretty much iffy about it.

Any other characters that come to mind? Let me know in the comments.

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 8

Day 8: Favourite Anime Couple

I had no question in my mind but to put Keima Katsuragi and Chihiro Kosaka as my favorite anime couple from the anime series The World God Only Knows.


Chihiro was originally a minor character for the first season of this anime series. When the second season started, she was given a main character role and became one of Keima’s love targets since he was forced to do so to be alive.

To anyone unfamiliar with Kaminomi‘s plot, Keima Katsuragi (main character) unexpectedly mistakes a contract with a demon girl to be a challenge to his self-proclaimed title, God of Conquests, as he acquired after mastering the art of gal gaming or most commonly known as dating sims.

In this contract, he is to flirt with a certain woman who has been possessed by a loose soul in order to extract said soul and be contained by his contract demo, Elsie.

Chihiro was one of these girls.

Now you might say that she’s one of those disposable love interests in a harem genre but hear me out.

In the third season, the scenario changes for Keima. Instead of any woman, the targets are now those he once conquered before and they have retained all memories of him flirting with them. This prove problematic since after a conquest, the woman possessed would forget any memory of Keima.

Keima deduced that those who weird acting flustered around him could possibly be his new targets as they could be possessed by goddesses who did the reverse of loose souls. Instead of sucking up the love in them, they fill these women with the emotion of love.


Chihiro was one of these flustered women and Keima added her to the list of other women who’ve possibly been possessed by goddesses.

Unknown to Keima though was that Chihiro was not flustered because she remembered Keima and his flirting but it was because Chihiro was genuinely in love with Keima. She had feelings for Keima even before her conquest.


This somewhat breaks Keima a little bit inside and forces him to shove her away for her own safety. He rejects her when he realizes this and resulting into Chihiro breaking into tears.

But what’s wonderful is that Keima did something unlike of his character: he cared. All throughout this anime series, Keima had this attitude to complete these conquests and treated every woman as another dating sim to finish. But this was a special case – someone was in love with him and for reasons he thought were impossible.

Chihiro loved Keima just because she did. That’s all there is to it.

Seeing Keima cry out of this revelation was something to noteworthy since this was a rare event. It’s similar to how rare it was when Hikigaya Hachiman, from Oregairu, cried when he opened up that he wanted a genuine relationship.

Kaminomi was one of those rare anime series were I did not expect I would shed tears for. It was that moment when Keima realized that Chihiro had genuine feelings for him, not because of recollection of her past conquest, but because she had those romantic feelings from the beginning that made me cry alongside Keima as he realized something.

Keima was involved in a scenario which endangered himself. He did not want to involve Chihiro. As a solution, he pushed her away for her own safety and regretted afterwards.

In the manga series, however, Keima ends up going to Chihiro’s home after he finishes his contract with his demon co-hort, Elsie, and try to make amends for what he did before.

The series ends there.

Wow, I’m getting chills as I write this article. Kaminomi  was not the best anime but it ended properly and at a good note.

Keima x Chihiro is probably one of those couples where they discovered their feelings not out of a lie but because they were true to themselves and to each other – and I think that’s something to praise about in this anime series.

Explanation of above video:

Keima is about to kiss Chihiro to see if there is a goddess inside her but as he progresses, he finds out that there’s something off. By the point he went closer to Chihiro, she should’ve revealed the goddess inside of her. That gets Keima in a dilemma since Chihiro ends up not having a goddess inside her which means that the last girl, Ayumi (which is Chihiro’s best friend) is actually the woman with the goddess.

So he then asks Chihiro, “Do you actually really like me?” To which she replies, “Yes I do.”

He then asks “Since when?” and all those normal questions.

Keima then denies this and goes on about  that Chihiro shouldn’t have liked him. Keima keeps asking that there must be a reason why.. something that he did. Chihiro then proceeds to say “You don’t have to get a reason to love someone” and then proceeds to kiss Keima.

This leaves Keima in a precarious state.

Too bad I couldn’t find a video of the entire scene. It’s in the last episode of the TWGOK Season 3 if you really want to see it.