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Sagrada Reset – Episode 3 & 4

REACTION – Sagrada Reset is turning one of those anime series where there’s too much going on and not everything is making sense.

There are somehow new characters being introduced and the whole relationship between Haruki and Kei is just horrendous to watch. Haruki is turning out to be this stale princess that needs her prince to operate and function like a normal human being or get stuff done.

For these two episodes, there seems to be some sort of problem presented. The relation of the Service Club request of rescuing a cat turns out to be a search for a murder suspect.

Yoka Murase is introduced as a normal person who’s requesting help from the school’s Service Club currently done by Kei and Haruki in order to rescue her cat. They, then, find out that its not her cat after contacting with a high school girl who has an ability to use the senses of any cat in the town saying that it’s actually a stray cat they’re looking for.

So somewhere in Episode 4, we have a race to find some sort of object called MacGuffin which holds the power to wield any ability between Murase and Kei. Now, this is where I think it gets really confusing.

Sure, this MacGuffin object is supposed to be the most overpowered thing in existence and everyone would want to have their hands on it but Murase’s intentions do not make sense.

She claims to do this because she wants to avenge her brother who died in an accident and the Bureau did not do anything to revive him with any ability – which is understandable since “revival” always have some sort of bad aftereffect in every story, whether anime, film, manga or any media.

So we have a confrontation between Murase and Kei to the death. Kei intentionally gets killed by Murase to get her somewhat shocked because that was never her intention but smartly, Kei asks his friend to send a telepathic message to Haruki to reset.

Now this is pretty smart since Haruki would never do anything at all without Kei’s permission and orders – and this is a twisted concept.

I was very confused throughout this entire two episodes. I admit that this series had potential but at the moment its just trying to be Steins;Gate, Oregairu, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei in just one sitting – and that’s not great at all.


I’m dropping this anime series. I had my hopes up but it’s not getting better for me anymore.