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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 28

Day 28: Favorite Quote from any Anime Character

Quotes can affect us in many different ways. Some people use it as to motivate themselves while others use it as part of their life philosophy. I could categorize myself as the second type of people when it comes to this quote.

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 27

Day 27: Most Badass Scene From Any Anime Character

What makes something badass? That’s a pretty subjective question. Usually it all falls down to the observer to analyze every event: motion, actions, and dialogue – in order to rightfully say that this event was the most badass they’ve seen from any person.

Most of the community would choose fight scenes or flashy acts from their favorite anime characters. But this one scene from Hikigaya Hachiman, the main protagonist of Oregairu.

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 3

DAY 3: Favorite Male Character Ever

As of now, I would say that the best and my favorite male character ever would be Hikigaya Hachiman.


For me, Hachiman is probably the most relatable character out there considering we operate on the same things. In real life, I usually try to look into the negative side of people’s actions, try to be really logical, and dismiss people’s feelings as if they were nothing in favor of achieving some sort of “right” that I have defined by myself.

Other than being a relatable character, Hikigaya Hachiman is probably the most realistic character to have ever come out of an anime series. He is also one of the most well developed characters in an anime series.

At the first half of the Oregairu anime series, Hachiman is introduced as a loner, someone who is very much hostile to social life, and despises everyone and calls them acting out a fake youth.

However, as he joins the Volunteer Service Club, he gets to meet interesting people like Yukino Yukinoshita, Yui Yuigahama and others which somewhat change his point of view.


Unlike other characters in anime series, Hachiman admits his own flaws and this is how you can tell that a certain character has developed so wonderfully to the point that they are written to be self-aware of their intentions and how they are either good or bad.

In Hachiman’s case, he was always told to be lacking self-respect, who would sacrifice himself despite denying that he was doing it for others. We can call Hachiman as a sort of good villain. Someone whose actions seem too cruel and disgusting but in the end of the day, he desires to achieve something right.

His character took a momentous leap when he expressed his true feelings for the first time in the second season. He reveals that he wants to understand people rather than to be understood – he has no time for that emotional bullsh*t. He wants to understand people rather than read between the lines and assume all the time.


He wants something genuine which is what he hopes to achieve with Yui and Yukino.

This is huge for a character that is depicted to be cold-hearted, alone, and probably would care less for feelings. It goes to prove that Hachiman as a character is human and realizes that.

Hikigaya Hachiman is an incredible character. He’s witty, disgusting and tries to right in his own way despite the disapproval of the majority. Probably this is why he’s deemed as the “Batman” of anime – he does things in the dark but his intentions are for the good of everyone.


These are the reasons why Hikigaya Hachiman, for me, is probably my most favorite character ever. No one can compare to this character enough. I mean, just like my article on my favorite anime series, this current article would not suffice to describe Hachiman in his full glory.

Hachiman is a hero that we all need but not we truly deserve.