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First Look: SAGRADA RESET – Episode 1

FIRST LOOK – Sagrada Reset is an anime series set in the seaside town named “Sakurada” where people with special abilities live. However here’s the catch: most of these powers are basically useless, and you lose your powers once you leave the town.

The series centers around two high school students: Kei Asai, who has the ability to remember every thing that has happened to him with his five senses, and Misora Haruki, who has the power to reconstruct every thing to their previous states (at least three days).

Sumire Sona sets them up to meet and intends to have them acquainted with each other for some unknown reason. It could be so that she can use the “reset” ability that Haruki has and use it to her advantage. Despite the complications, Kei Asai still goes through with the his intentions of gaining Haruki’s trust and friendship.

This episode was very much set up to explain every thing there is to know about each character, in regards to their special abilities. The characters seemed too dull as they show little to none humane characteristic. They are all very mysterious which is probably where this series grabbed me.

Most people would not enjoy this anime series. If I were to compare how it feels to watch this series, it would be similar to watching the Endless Eight arc in the anime series “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.” It is very mysterious but it gets you thinking.

The thing that I like about this episode is that it prefers to go for deeper levels of communication using metaphors and short stories to relate the current situation to the viewers – which, to a normal and casual viewer, it would be really boring.

It is true that the characters are not all that appealing and show little to no humanity in them at all but come on, this is not the first anime series to have done that with its first episode.

This anime series’ way of pacing itself may not sell to everyone but it does to me. You may not like this series but you will remember it, at least, for its interesting setting and premise.

Judging from the previews for the second episode, we might expect some escalation from the first episode.

Overall, this anime series’ first episode was very dull and it was mostly information-heavy which does not really help selling it to new viewers. However, I am optimistic for the second episode.

At the moment, I am torn whether this will be a good series or not – but hell, I do love an anime series that’s pretty wordy.

If you’ll watch it, don’t set your expectations too high – you’ll be disappointed. Not every anime series appeals to everyone.

I love this anime, is that wrong?


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Review: Attack on Titan 2 – Episode 1

REVIEW – Shingeki no Kyojin, or more famously known as Attack on Titan, just released the first episode of the series’ second season. Every fan has waited for a very long time to watch this anime series once more.

Although some people in the community were very displeased to hear that the second season would have a twelve-episode cour, the first episode’s release was met with excitement.

As for this writer, it was a much more… meh kind-of episode.

The second season’s first episode recalled to the events after that whole fist-fight between Annie and Eren, as well as what happened to the rest of the Survey Corps twelve hours prior that time.

The first episode focused on the 104th Survey Corps as they were defending against the titans who broke through Wall Rose twelve hours prior the events caused by the whole Annie and Eren carnage.

The Survey Corps split into four compass groups to warn the near villages as their Squad Leader, Mike (second to Levi), was buying them time and holding off the titans advance. Died, of course, quite horribly.

I find the whole interaction between the newly-introduced Beast Titan and Mike quite entertaining. It captures the whole emotion of fear around Mike as he grasps the situation: “Holy sh*t, this titan can speak Japanese?”

It also appears that the Beast Titan has the capability to control and order around the lesser and unintelligible titans. Quite similar to how Annie Leonhardt does it as the female titan but in a much more direct sense – literally telling them to do this and that.

The episode ends off with the big guys: Eren, Mikasa, Erwin, Levi and friends responding to the whole attack.

For me, this whole episode was showing nothing new other than the existence of the Beast Titan. It felt more like a recap of the previous season’s events and how it will lead to the events next episode.

Overall, it was a pretty disappointing episode for me. I was expecting some sort of thrill and excitement but it came out as a slow paced episode.

I hope the next episodes will pick up faster than this one.

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RWBY Vol. 4 Episode 3

REVIEW – Rooster Teeth’s animated series, “RWBY” has come a long way ever since it’s first volume. The gradual shift of tone from happy-go-lucky school life to absolute chaos was well-executed in the series’ third volume.

In the third episode, we get to see where Blake has ended up after the Fall of Beacon. She’s somewhat on a “journey” to find herself as she goes home to Menagerie. It was quite depressing to see Blake’s guard up after the chaotic events. In the previous volumes, she slowly opened up to everyone but now, she’s confused on who to trust and who not to.

It was quite hilarious and expected to find Sun following Blake – to her annoyance. I am quite optimistic for a Sun and Blake pairing since that is where the series is going for. Also, the fight scene against the “water dragon” Grimm was epic. Blake and Sun helping each other out and displaying their strengths to bring it down was just exhilarating to watch.

I have to point out the wondrous addition of sunset colors during the entire fight. Rooster Teeth’s animation team has definitely improved. Can’t forget about the water too, they did that quite well.

On the other side of things, Yang has received a mechanical robot arm from General Ironwood – a gift she is quite hesitant to accept. In the episode, we can see how she’s condescended from a strong woman into a helpless and scarred girl. The confrontation with Adam and the lost of her arm really took a toll on her. She’s gotten nightmares and shows little to no enthusiasm at all.

In the enemy’s viewpoint, Salem and Cinder have a discussion about a “relic” of some sort – something Ozpin had. I’ve heard that they might be referring to Ozpin’s staff but I don’t recall any mention in the series about it. Another thing to note, Salem asked Cinder if she killed Ozpin to which she said yes. We still can’t say anything regarding Ozpin since we haven’t seen any body or concrete proof that he was actually dead.

Over-all, the episode shed light to a few things about Blake’s whereabouts, Salem’s concerns and Yang’s recovery.

A review of the fifth episode will be up soon. I’ve decided not to review episode 1 – 2 since I’ve basically talked about it in the article, “End of RWBY’s fairy tale.”

Credits to Koyorin for the feature image.