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Review – Eromanga-sensei

ANIME, REVIEW – There are some shows that people would highly regard as the most morally wrong settings but get entertained by it. You can call these shows everyone’s “guilty pleasure” – they know that the show is complete garbage and yet can’t help but get entertained.

Ladies and gentlemen, one of those shows is Eromanga-sensei.

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Eromanga-sensei – Episode 7

REACTION – The episode starts off where we left off as Muramasa states that she does not will for Masamune’s dream to succeed as it goes in the way of her own dream.

Masamune works hard in producing a sixty-page short story using the same plot of his “hundred-page love letter” of a story, with the assistance of Elf Yamada. He finishes his work barely before the deadline but is visited by Muramasa in his own home.

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Eromanga-sensei – Episode 6

REACTION – We continue where we left off from the previous episode as Megumi unveils her strategy on how to win Sagiri’s friendship. She goes for “if you can’t beat em’, be them” strategy and asks Masamune and Tomoe for light novel recommendations.

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Eromanga-sensei – Episode 3 & 4

REACTION – For the first time in this series, we have some sort of definite goal to look forward from these two episodes.


In the third episode, we get to see that Elf Yamada has just move in to a house near Izumi’s, much to his surprise. He encounters the young author stark naked whilst playing the piano and you all know the drill too well – “HENTAI! B-B-BAKA~!”

So Izumi gets to explore Yamada’s new house and they talked about getting hold of Eromanga-sensei which Yamada doesn’t know that Eromanga-sensei is actually Izumi’s younger sister, Sagiri. One thing led to another and we have a duel between two successful authors for the illustrative work of Eromanga-sensei.

One must make an interesting manuscript that can interest Eromanga-sensei and if he or she does, Eromanga-sensei will work for the winner. Although Sagiri doesn’t know much about this deal, it continues anyways.


It was quite entertaining how Sagiri misunderstood the whole meeting with Yamada every day as “she’s going to steal my onii-chan!” when in fact, that’s not the case.

On to the fourth episode, Izumi tries his very best to witness Yamada-sensei at work but alas, typical lazy arse loli girl who won’t do anything until the last minute (kind of like every procrastinating student).

So instead we get to see an interesting side of Yamada’s character – how she views writing light novels as a hobby that should not be rushed. But that wouldn’t apply to Izumi who writes light novels for a living, not a hobby. Still it motivates Izumi as Yamada cooks him a meal or too and reasons that she is “working” by getting a reference of how a person feels when his or her work is being praised.

With that inspiration in mind, Izumi goes on and works on the best idea he has in mind: what he loves most (hint: Sagiri). So he goes on and writes this manuscript about how his little sister is a cool illustrator and all that jazz.

When Izumi shows it off, he sees Yamada last-minute typing her own manuscript much to his surprise. So on to the showdown, the two exchange manuscripts and read them.

Izumi goes on and says that Yamada’s work is interesting but Yamada begs to differ saying that “I cannot beat something this inspired” and goes on to say that it’s a one-book love letter for Izumi’s little sister – much to his embarrassment.

Yamada cedes the match and gives the win to Izumi because of this.


Izumi shows it off to Sagiri hesitantly and explains why has he been hanging out with Yamada for the past few days. Izumi reasons out about the whole contest-match thing and Sagiri tells him that she thought he was getting taken away since Sagiri could not draw some illustrations that Izumi wanted. To which, Izumi denies and says that its fine.

It is at this point that the series shows off the sibling relationship between Izumi and Sagiri – how the two have gone in life through thick and thin. The two dream of creating the best light novel series and have an anime adaptation come out of it.

Overall, these two episodes were entertaining and great to watch. As its showing now, it may not lean the same way as Oreimo did with its story but here’s hoping it really doesn’t.