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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 23

Day 23: Favorite Attack Someone used in an Anime

As I have repeatedly stated before, I don’t really put that much thought – let alone any sort of fondness, for any sort of special move, attack or any weapon and gear used in an anime series. So for today, I am choosing what looked really cool in the series, Kill la Kill.

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30 Day Anime Challenge

PERSONAL ENTRY – Since I have been running out of time to keep this blog up and going, I have decided to do the “30 Day Anime Challenge” to get myself used to the current schedule I have at the moment.

Recently I have been busy collaborating with a group in the social media platform, “Habbo Hotel,” and it’s been doing good so far.

If you want to view the list, it’s on here.

The challenge starts on May 1, 2017 so that it will cover the entirety of the month of May.

Hope you have fun reading.