How anime fascinates me in its world building

#12DaysOfAnime – Anime has introduced to us many stories and, with it, new worlds for us to experience. Ranging from fantasy, portrayals of the future, and others – anime, as a form of entertainment, is distinct in the sense that it is not afraid to experiment on something new. Why is that? Continue reading “How anime fascinates me in its world building”


How being perfect is never enough

#12DaysOfAnime – As the textbooks might tell you, people have always tried to do every thing in the most perfect way possible. From how machines work to how we all physically look, the concept of “perfection” has always plagued our minds and thus we strive to achieve “perfection.” But being “perfect” isn’t always enough and here’s why… Continue reading “How being perfect is never enough”

How would androids fit in our world?

#12DaysOfAnime – This year has seen the rise and fall of movements. All of which seek to destroy or defend values which may or may not change the current status quo in favor of doing what’s good. In recent years, one of these movements are in the field of robotics – artificial intelligence, androids and the like. What are the consequences of integrating androids into our current society? Continue reading “How would androids fit in our world?”

Why it’s important to know who your friends are

#12DaysOfAnime – Friends are a must in life. They keep things interesting and, at times, will back you up on your lowest moments. It is a must for someone to understand the ins and outs of your friends – what makes them tick and heel. To provide an example, the anime series Guilty Crown portrays this pretty well. Continue reading “Why it’s important to know who your friends are”

Clannad: gifts come in different forms

#12DaysOfAnime – In this holiday season, the act of giving has always been a staple tradition. People, young and old alike, receive gifts from their friends, loved ones and even strangers at this time of the year. These gifts can come in different forms: touching words, objects of sentimental value and last but not the least, money. To put simply, let us talk about gifts and the forms they come in. Continue reading “Clannad: gifts come in different forms”

A normal day for Bad Luck Slaine

In a usual anime series, there should be a big overarching character or group of characters that oppose the main character’s goals. There is some sort of generalized conception that almost every villain exists for the purpose of making the good guys look good.

However, there are a good number of instances where characters get wonderful writing when it comes to their backstory, motives, and character development that labeling them as mere “villains” is somehow harsh. One of those villains is Slaine Saazbaum Troyard from the anime series, Aldnoah.Zero. Continue reading “A normal day for Bad Luck Slaine”