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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 5

Day 5: Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoyed


Throughout my viewing experience in anime, the one series that I’m ashamed that I enjoyed so much was Oreimo. Not because of the obvious reasons that it portrays incest and taboo relations but that it wasn’t that good of a series.

I praise Oreimo way too much than what it’s worth. I even go to lengths such as suggesting them or forcing friends to watch this anime series when in fact, it is not worth it.

Granted, Oreimo is not all bad if you’re positive about it but the thing is the negatives outweigh the positives for this anime series. The flow of the story was confusing, the characters were not well developed except for a few of them, the ending was not well executed – overall, it was not the great series as I acclaim it to be.

It is probably because of my bias when it comes to unusual premises which are used in anime. Like the incest taboo is very much unusual to the general public and to have an anime series use it in its story is kind of weird and off.

But despite all of that, I could say that enjoy Oreimo so much that I go on and think about what went wrong and how to resolve these issues that happens within the series.


Things like what if Kyousuke did not see anything at all in Kirino. Because seriously, in the first place, Kyousuke’s admiration of his own little sister was kind of forced and out of place. He just broke up with Kuroneko, a cute and amazing female love interest just for his brat of a little sister.

This is where I lose my enjoyment for the series.

But overall, I pretty much had fun and was entertained while watching Oreimo and I am quite confused at myself why is that the case for someone like me.

Do I have some sort of weird liking in relation to things that are taboo? Do I want to be hurt? Am I a masochist? Honestly, I can’t answer that properly since I, myself, have no clue why I liked this anime series so much than what it actually is.

Oreimo was definitely a controversial series which is why I’m regularly judged by people who hear me say that it was probably one of the most entertaining anime I’ve watched thus far.