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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 17

Day 17: Favorite Supporting Male Anime Character

Out of all the supporting male characters I have seen in anime, nothing stands out better than Youhei Sunohara of the anime series, Clannad.

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 15

Day 15: Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet or Summoning from any anime

Animal sidekicks and the sorts are usually seen in the shonen genre which is something that I do not watch regularly. However, there is one favorite of mine and that is Happy from the anime series, Fairy Tail, who serves as somewhat of a sidekick to Natsu, one of the main characters for the show.

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 13

Day 13: Anime Character that I am most similar to

If I were to pick out an anime character that shares most of my traits, I would have a tough time deciding who fits me best. Let’s just say that my traits are very contradicting to some extent and I end up being similar to a lot of characters.


For starters, I could be a mix of Oreki Houtarou and Hikigaya Hachiman since I have a very lazy personality and operate by reading between the lines, assuming the worst in every situation. At the same time, I end up helping and being friendly to other people which ends up me being somewhat similar to Hachiman – although I’m not really that much concerned when it comes to peers.

It is possible that I could be similar to Keima Katsuragi since I am pretty much in the “life is such a shitty game” phase and I had a similar experience when it comes to the whole Chihiro and Keima fiasco wherein I ended up flirting with someone but wasn’t expecting any mutual affection so, yeah, you get the picture.

I could be compared to Kousei Arima since I am a pianist and at the same time, I am pretty much soft-spoken to people who I don’t know but end up being close and interactive to my friends and colleagues.


Honestly, I have a hard time picking out an anime character that resembles me the most. If there was a character with the same personalities as Oreki Houtarou, Hikigaya Hachiman, Keima Katsuragi and Kousei Arima, then that’d be probably the character I’d pick for this.

But alas, I don’t know any anime character that resembles me the most. I can’t even narrow out from the four characters I mentioned just now since in a sense, Oreki is almost there, Hikigaya is too extreme, Keima and Kousei are only similar on some aspects.

So I guess Oreki is the closest to my personality? Honestly, I’m pretty much iffy about it.

Any other characters that come to mind? Let me know in the comments.

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 12

Day 12: Favorite Anime Scene

The anime film Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya was one of the best of its kind. It solidified and gave way to the popularity of the Haruhi franchise. There were a lot of scenes from this film which could easily be one of my favorites and choosing just one was just too hard.

So after much thought, I think the best favorite scene I saw in this movie was “Kyon’s Choice.”


If you have watched the anime series and this film, then you would know about a character named Yuki Nagato. Her character is an artificial interface made by aliens which is devoid of any emotions and seeks to only complete the task at hand: to observe Haruhi Suzumiya, the supposed-entity or “god” responsible for keeping everything in balance.

In this movie, it is revealed the Nagato altered everybody’s memories and change the world to its normal state. By normal meaning Haruhi is not a god, and everyone else in the series become normal human beings – no special abilities, no out-of-this-world talents, normal.

She did this to give Kyon a choice: whether to accept a world where everyone is normal and lead a normal life, or return to the original world where Kyon is mixed in a group of people that possess supernatural abilities and keep Haruhi’s god powers in check.

Kyon chose the original world.

What’s so good about this scene is Kyon’s internal monologue and the animation sequences while he goes on about his reasoning of why he chose the original world.


Throughout his monologue, he tries to understand why Nagato could’ve altered the world – which is a cliche reason since she is an artificial humanoid interface devoid of feelings. The sole problem of making artificial human interfaces in every media is that they tend to analyze everything but are limited to the prisons of their programming.

In short, the errors which Nagato was warning Kyon about was her bottled-up human emotions. You cannot devoid a human, whether artificial or not, of human emotion. Otherwise, it is not human anymore but an empty shell.

Kyon acknowledges Nagato’s suffering. How she could’ve wanted to express her own emotions but couldn’t because of the limits in her programming. He blames himself for trying to rely on Nagato every time something bad happens. Kyon is stuck in the idea that “Nagato can fix this, so let’s leave it to her” but doesn’t realize Nagato’s side of these decisions he makes.

Kyon understands that Nagato wanted to live in a normal world and understands the reason why he was the only one given by Nagato the choice to revert or maintain the current world – it was because Nagato trusted her to make the right choices.

This puts Kyon in a precarious situation – does he put Nagato’s feelings as a priority? Or does he want to suffer even more in the original world where he does not have any talents and is at the whim of those who do have them?

He acknowledges that he is, as well, tired of being the normal guy – how every situation in the original world was too confusing and too out of hand to be understood by his own normal mind. Kyon weighs in his own woes as well and factors it to his decision.

However, there was a big question to be answered: didn’t he, Kyon, enjoy the original world?


Yes, he goddamned did.

Despite being under constant confusion all the time in the original world, he found everything fun despite being sick, tired and confused.

In this scene, Kyon battles with his alter-ego which weighs in his suffering and how everything is so screwed up in the original world. He considers that Nagato went out of her way to do him a favor yet he still wanted the choice to revert or maintain.

Kyon’s alter-ego weighs in why the normal world which Nagato created is better and asks Kyon the big question, “Wasn’t everything fun?

To which Kyon finalizes his decision and said strongly that he had fun.

Therefore, he chose the original world.

This scene was a great show of character development of Kyon and Nagato. We fully understand Nagato’s woes and Kyon acknowledges this as well. But Kyon also considers that such a normal life would be… too normal. There’d be no point in everything and he finds it fun – that’s all there is to it.

It was such a turning point for Kyon and Nagato as characters. An emotional scene where Kyon monologues with himself whether to choose a normal life or live the original life where he is confronted with weird sh*t everyday. It may sound selfish but I’ll be damned, he made the right decisions and swore to not repeat the mistakes he made.

I could say Kyon grew to much more aware of Nagato and factor her into every decision he makes rather than the usual thinking where Nagato can handle everything. It goes to show the Nagato, as a character, despite being an artificial being, is capable of human emotion and should be treated as human.

Actually I was considering picking out the “John Smith” scene for this but I don’t know. I felt like this scene weighed in much more than the John Smith scene.

also yuki nagato is best grill

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 11

Day 11: Favorite Mech Anime

The feelings I have when it comes to the mech genre are the same with the shonen genre. For me, these two genres feel too repetitive and rely too much on the action – while it does work, it doesn’t appeal to me as a viewer. I tend to watch anime that cater to much more deeper elements like the slice-of-life, romance, psychological, fantasy and all similar genres.

However, there was this one anime series that caught my eye a few seasons ago. The plot revolved around a timeline where Mars became livable and created their own government thus splitting factions with the United Earth government. As a result, the two factions from Mars and Earth are at constant rivalry.


This anime series is no other than Aldnoah.Zero.

Aldnoah.Zero caught my eye because it gave me the idea: what if such a scenario were to occur in the future where Martian colonizers from Earth were to separate themselves from us and form their own faction?

The first season of Aldnoah.Zero introduced its main character Inaho and a world were Earth and Mars are currently “at peace” – I say this because there are still tensions from both factions similar to how North Korea and South Korea are having right now.

Then the series introduced some sort of new Martian technology called Aldnoah Drives which were somewhat superior than Earth technology, thus advancing the Martian colonizers in terms of tech and science.

This was a key factor to note of since when the war broke out in the anime series, Earth was completely at the mercy of the Martian invaders. All government and military centers were wiped out in a matter of hours – thinking about such scenario if it happened in real life intrigued me.


The anime series also shows this sort of developing rivalry between the main character Inaho and main villain Slaine, who both are loyal to the Martian Princess Asseylum. Why? Well, first off, Asseylum wanted peace between both factions which gained her the trust of Inaho and Slaine taught Asseylum about the beauty of Earth.

The second season was rather disappointing since Inaho was depicted as being an overpowered character which made me hate him as much as I hated Kirito from Sword Art Online. Slaine became a bad luck Brian who had some good ideals but had a twisted way of achieving them. Lastly, the Princess ended up being married to another Martian noble which… was pretty much a letdown.


Honestly, Aldnoah.Zero had a lot of flaws as an anime series but its setting was quite intriguing which made me like it in the first place. It was a shame that they didn’t give it much attention and stuck to the action, rivalry, letdown romance sub-plots and so on.


30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 9

Day 9: Best Anime Villain


I was a little bit skeptical since there only a few anime villains which I considered to be good and out of that roster, I picked out Slaine Troyard from the anime series Aldnoah.Zero.

In this anime series, Earth and Mars have different governments currently in-rivalry with each other. Slaine was the son of Dr. Troyard who went to Mars in order to study Aldnoah Drives which were the main technology utilized by the people of Vers (Mars).

Slaine came shortly after to Mars via rocket but was on the verge of death after his suit was submerged with fluid as well as his insides. He was saved by Princess Asseylum by giving reverse CPR.

After his father’s death, Slaine was treated as some sort of nuisance by all of Vers except for its princess, Asseylum Vers Allusia.


After years and years, Slaine becomes in-debted to Asseylum after saving his life countless times from the people who wanted to kill him because he was born from Earth. He becomes loyal to her and is still evident throughout the series.

In the start of this series, Asseylum visits Earth as a sort of delegation for Vers in an effort to make amends with the United Earth government after the First Mars – Earth War. However, a group of Vers Empire sympathizers “assassinate” Asseylum thus sparking major outrage from both sides.

Vers puts blame on the United Earth government for assassinating their princess thus sparking a second Mars – Earth War.

Now Slaine is in the middle of this mess. After the death of Asseylum, he gets more discriminated and abused for his status as an Earthling and is treated more of a slave by the Counts of the Vers Empire military.

Slaine’s story is more of a rag-to-riches thing as he rises up from being a slave to being a Count himself. But his loyalty to Princess Asseylum still remains strong.


In the aftermath of the supposed assassination of Princess Asseylum, he founds out that the princess could be alive but hides that secret from the rest of the Vers Empire. Despite countless times of getting tortured by the Counts, he still won’t not give away any evidence of the Princess being alive. That’s something admirable about him.

When the landing craft used by the Counts was attacked, he was transported and convinced to stay at the side of Count Saazbaum who ordered the assassination of the Princess. He was given the decision of joining the war in his side or flee to the surface of the Earth. Later on, he saves the Count and Princess Asseylum after attacking the United Earth military’s HQ which later earns him the title of “Sir” Slaine Troyard and gains his own servant and inherits the landing castle which the deceased Count Cruhteo once owned.


After gaining the trust of Count Saazbaum, Slaine was deemed as the Count’s son – therefore, granting him the rights and privileges of being a Count’s son. Now this is where I applaud Slaine for his devious plan as he kills Count Saazbaum and uses those rights to command Saazbaum’s landing craft and its soldiers.

Slaine had great plans but went about them in a bad way – which makes a good villain but also a bad-luck Brian. His intentions were good but they were executed  wrongly.

This is why I applaud Slaine as a character because he’s one of those villains who sought for the good of everyone but went about it the wrong way.

He wanted to unite both the Vers Empire and the United Earth under one banner but thought that the way to do this was through hostilities – which never worked out in the end.


His mind became much more twisted with the ideas he had for both United Earth and the Vers Empire which ultimately contributed to his downfall.

Slaine was not the best character since sometimes he came out as somewhat annoying but at the same time, he was someone to sympathize with because he had good intentions but just went about it the wrong way.

Aldnoah.Zero was a great series if you overlook the overpowered-ness of the main male character since it gives you somewhat of an idea on how a scenario where Mars and Earth had their own different governments would turn out.

sorry this article came out late

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 7

Day 7: Anime Crush

It was a rough skirmish in the waters of Nisekoi. Different fleets have gathered upon this great ocean to end their differences once and for all. Fleets of the SS Chitoge, SS Onodera, SS Marika, and the minor fleets came and battled against one another.


I, Miandro, was one of the crew serving aboard the SS Kosaki Onodera. We fought well and hard against the three main fleets and the minor fleets. It was a rough battle and we suffered heavy–.. Ah, goddamnit, enough of this.



But in all seriousness, if you were to ask me what my anime crush/waifu was then I would not hesitate to tell you that it would be the goddess Kosaki Onodera.

Why her, you might ask? Why does someone like a plain main female lead, love interest that doesn’t have any striking features apart from being cute at whatever she does.

Let my lay down the reasons why I love this character so.

First, she has the attributes of a wife. If Onodera was a real person, I would seriously marry her. She’s so dependable, kind and caring to the people that she loves and certainly nothing would go wrong if you were in marriage with her.

Second, she’s cute. I mean, seriously, how can one deny a cutie such as Kosaki Onodera? If you deny her, you’ve denied yourself basically. That’s how bad it is if you deny her love.

Third, she’s Kosaki Onodera. Nuff’ said.


Kosaki Onodera is what I look for in a girl: dependable, cute, somewhat aloof but knows when to act smart. She is the best girl to have ever existed in an anime series and none have proven me otherwise.

kosaki onodera best grill. all of the other nisekoi ships can go sink in the atlantic ocean.

also the shy ones r the kinky ones

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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 5

Day 5: Anime I’m Ashamed I Enjoyed


Throughout my viewing experience in anime, the one series that I’m ashamed that I enjoyed so much was Oreimo. Not because of the obvious reasons that it portrays incest and taboo relations but that it wasn’t that good of a series.

I praise Oreimo way too much than what it’s worth. I even go to lengths such as suggesting them or forcing friends to watch this anime series when in fact, it is not worth it.

Granted, Oreimo is not all bad if you’re positive about it but the thing is the negatives outweigh the positives for this anime series. The flow of the story was confusing, the characters were not well developed except for a few of them, the ending was not well executed – overall, it was not the great series as I acclaim it to be.

It is probably because of my bias when it comes to unusual premises which are used in anime. Like the incest taboo is very much unusual to the general public and to have an anime series use it in its story is kind of weird and off.

But despite all of that, I could say that enjoy Oreimo so much that I go on and think about what went wrong and how to resolve these issues that happens within the series.


Things like what if Kyousuke did not see anything at all in Kirino. Because seriously, in the first place, Kyousuke’s admiration of his own little sister was kind of forced and out of place. He just broke up with Kuroneko, a cute and amazing female love interest just for his brat of a little sister.

This is where I lose my enjoyment for the series.

But overall, I pretty much had fun and was entertained while watching Oreimo and I am quite confused at myself why is that the case for someone like me.

Do I have some sort of weird liking in relation to things that are taboo? Do I want to be hurt? Am I a masochist? Honestly, I can’t answer that properly since I, myself, have no clue why I liked this anime series so much than what it actually is.

Oreimo was definitely a controversial series which is why I’m regularly judged by people who hear me say that it was probably one of the most entertaining anime I’ve watched thus far.

30 day anime challenge Anime

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 1

DAY 1: Very first anime that I have watched


I was about seven years old when I first found anime. The local television network was bringing in a new segment of their channel called “Toon Saturdays” which featured a lot of anime series showing in the morning.

The first anime series that I saw was Shakugan no Shana.

The first episode drew my interest as it featured a monster-like creature being controlled by a person which sucked out people’s souls whilst suspending the flow of time. It was a pretty interesting concept to me.

In this episode, the main character Yuji was immune to these time-suspending effects since he is the host of a special relic of some kind called the Reiji Maigo which means that his soul was no more but the remains of it still flicker brightly within him.

In this world, once your soul was somehow devoured or taken, you had a “torch” remaining which would flicker until it’d go out as you get erased from existence – no one would remember you. Your friends, relatives, family, classmates – everyone.

However, flame hazes like Shana battle with these people and keep ordinary humans safe.

It was a wonderful and interesting ride for me. A world filled with such fantasy, mystery and concepts that were new to a six year old me.

I grew along with this series from its first season to its fourth last season. I saw how characters like Yuji, Shana grew more mature and more independent to make some sort of difference in this big fantasy world they are involved in. How certain past enemies became important allies, how alliances were made, how groups formed.

Everything in this series fascinated me to an incredible level and leaves me in awe while reminiscing my experiences during the creation of this article.

How love is such a great driving force – even to those who wield strong, unimaginable power.

After watching this series, my interest into these new and more in-depth “cartoons” grew stronger and has lasted until this day.

Shakugan no Shana has always been a benchmark anime for me and I always find time to re-watch it whenever I can. Despite being released so long ago, it still has its entertainment value.

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PERSONAL ENTRY – Since I have been running out of time to keep this blog up and going, I have decided to do the “30 Day Anime Challenge” to get myself used to the current schedule I have at the moment.

Recently I have been busy collaborating with a group in the social media platform, “Habbo Hotel,” and it’s been doing good so far.

If you want to view the list, it’s on here.

The challenge starts on May 1, 2017 so that it will cover the entirety of the month of May.

Hope you have fun reading.