Porter’s Shelter – a must watch?

DISCUSSION – A-1 Pictures, in collaboration with Porter Robinson & MADEON, has created a six minute animated music video/short for “SHELTER”. The animated short shows the life of a teenage girl who is confined in a virtual world – a world where she can create and destroy any entity as she wishes.

Virtual reality has been a popular setting ever since the release of the anime series, “Sword Art Online”. However, it is not the main focus of this animated short’s story. Rather it tells how this teenage girl got herself in the virtual world she is in. The short is set on a timeline where Earth is in collision course with Jupiter. The teenager’s father aims to save her by constructing a spaceship where she can live as long as she can and confine her mind in a virtual world where she can be safe. It depicts of a father’s love for his daughter and his method of recusing her from impending disaster.

Granted – launching your daughter to space, ultimately, saving her life from the collision of two planets is basically an even deeper death sentence than dying in the collision. “SHELTER” is a touching animated short showing how life can be so cruel yet telling it’s viewers that moving on is key to a better future. It has delivered people who’ve watched it an emotional punch in under six minutes which is why this short is a must-watch for those who haven’t.

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