Few Minutes


2:33 PM. Stuck in the middle of history class.

The professor’s monotonous voice filled the entire classroom. Students are either disinterested, pre-occupied or on the verge of sudden death due to the immense amount of boredom circulating throughout the air. I take hold of my pen and start doodling on an empty page of the book.

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Youth: a country’s future – my entry to the WYEC 2018

The World Youth Essay Competition, or WYEC, is an international competition for high school and university students. As a writer, I thought it would be nice to send an entry and I have also decided to share my work for posterity. Although it’s not the best of my writing, it captures a hint of how I see my country’s youth.
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Thanks: Another Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for this award by zboudrie from Let’s Talk Anime. This would be the first time someone actually nominated me for a blogging award and it puts me at ease knowing that other fellow bloggers like the stuff I write about. Huge thanks to zboudrie for nominating me! A look at my blog’s history I think I have already talked a lot about how this blog … Continue reading Thanks: Another Blogger Recognition Award

What came before and how I got to making Miandro’s Side?

#12DaysOfAnime – Before Miandro‘s Side, all of my writings went under a lot of mediums and pen-names. After one hundred fifty articles written, seventy WordPress followers and all of those numbers, I think it would be nice to share the events that brought me here and where I want to go with this blog in the future. Continue reading “What came before and how I got to making Miandro’s Side?”

Blog Update: Daily Blog Post Themes & Other Stuff

BLOG UPDATE – In the past few months, I have stuck to this one post per week rule where I try to dish out a new article every week. The whole rule seems great and all but I feel like pushing my limits, in terms of utilizing good schedules and keeping ideas fresh in my head. In that respect, I think setting up some themes would … Continue reading Blog Update: Daily Blog Post Themes & Other Stuff

The importance of uniqueness

PERSONAL ENTRY – In early May, I had the chance to participate in a debate and public speaking workshop which taught people ways on how to think logically and out of the box. For this personal entry, I would like to talk about one motion which we debated about: “This House would prefer to live in a world where no rhetoric of uniqueness of an individual … Continue reading The importance of uniqueness

30 Day Anime Challenge

PERSONAL ENTRY – Since I have been running out of time to keep this blog up and going, I have decided to do the “30 Day Anime Challenge” to get myself used to the current schedule I have at the moment. Recently I have been busy collaborating with a group in the social media platform, “Habbo Hotel,” and it’s been doing good so far. If you … Continue reading 30 Day Anime Challenge