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Catching up, rebooting and quarantine

With the inconvenience of community lockdowns and quarantines afoot, it would really seem that I have run out of excuses to avoid doing the things that have been missing from my radar in so long. One of those “missing-from-the-radar” things would be writing for this blog that I still love up until now. It has been a personal outlet for my interests in writing, anime, and the act of conveying my ideas to an audience. Being that the case, I feel that I have some sort of obligation to keep people who still snoop around this blog on what has been happening so far.

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The notion of a ‘happy ever after’

The phrase “happily ever after” has been popularized ever since fairy tale films in the likes of Cinderella, Snow White and Peter Pan greeted our eyes. Stories of fulfillment, romance, family and contentment – a “happy ever after” ingrained into our very minds. From that point on, our childhood has been revolving around that concept of “happiness” – that we must reach a point where we have our “prince charming,” or “princess,” a complete family and other conclusive goals.

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Few Minutes


2:33 PM. Stuck in the middle of history class.

The professor’s monotonous voice filled the entire classroom. Students are either disinterested, pre-occupied or on the verge of sudden death due to the immense amount of boredom circulating throughout the air. I take hold of my pen and start doodling on an empty page of the book.

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Back into it

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It has been months since I wrote something, or virtually done anything, for this blog. Throughout that time, I have been catching up with my own personal ambitions and haven’t acquired the luxury of writing at all – including anime and related stuff. This is me saying how I apologize for leaving this place collecting dust.

Another part of this short write-up is that I’m coming back! Some of you might have tuned in on my Twitter (which you should follow, by the way) and I have some brand new article ideas for 2019. After much thought, I have decided to steer away from the usual reviews and actually write some stuff that lives up to the name “Miandro’s Side.”

What this means is you’ll see some more discussions and breakdowns of what goes around with anime – be that of the industry, talking about character dynamics with more in-depth discussion and of course, some new segments of the blog catered to specific topics.

Additionally, I just want to thank everyone who still reads through the stuff I wrote here in the past few months. Despite my inactivity, the blog still reached a lot of people and I can’t help but be amazed at how people appreciate the work I’m doing – my heartfelt gratitude to all of you!

As we move on to the new year of 2019, I hope I can improve the way I write for the entertainment of all.

Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for reading!

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Youth: a country’s future – my entry to the WYEC 2018

The World Youth Essay Competition, or WYEC, is an international competition for high school and university students. As a writer, I thought it would be nice to send an entry and I have also decided to share my work for posterity. Although it’s not the best of my writing, it captures a hint of how I see my country’s youth.

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Thanks: Another Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for this award by zboudrie from Let’s Talk Anime. This would be the first time someone actually nominated me for a blogging award and it puts me at ease knowing that other fellow bloggers like the stuff I write about.

Huge thanks to zboudrie for nominating me!

A look at my blog’s history

I think I have already talked a lot about how this blog came to be and where it is over the holidays. So, I will probably make this as short and concise as possible.

This is not the first time I have made a blog. I was previously writing anime reviews on my now-defunct Tumblr blog. The reason for abandoning that place is that I never felt any sort of community engagement because people would always “re-blog” my writings. There was no form of interaction and it felt like people were just tossing around my work in the internet.

After much thought and help, I chose to make a new one using WordPress.

So far, building up this blog has been wonderful and I hope it doesn’t stop. I get to talk with other people who do the same stuff as me and get to create some pretty great stuff. There’s the people from OWLS and also other bloggers that actively like and comment on my articles. It really brings a much more personal feel to writing in comparison to what I had been doing prior to all this.

An advice for new bloggers

For someone who is also fairly new to the community (and yes, I consider almost a year to be “new”), I don’t think I have that much to give as advice for new members.

What I will say is this: put heart into your work.

Normally, what I see every time I participate in a seminar, someone lectures about blogging, and related acts – it’s usually sounds so demanding and stressful.

I hear people telling newbies to plan about peak times, how to get the most out of the viewership, reeling in reader interest and it doesn’t really give you any sort of fulfillment.

Sure, these things get results most of the time but if you are just a machine churning out every article per day and at select peak times, then you’re not really making out the best of your work.

Learn to love the stuff you do and when you don’t, then just stop right there and find time to get inspired. Watch a new show, read a book, take a walk, or have a day out with friends – get distracted and the ideas, passion will just come rushing in you.

Although this doesn’t apply to everyone since we all have different ways of getting the job done. This is how I do it.

And here are the nominations…

  1. Remy Fool from the Lily Garden
  2. Arthifis from Arthifis’ Place
  3. TPAB~ from The Pantless Anime Blogger
  4. Takuto from Takuto’s Anime Cafe
  5. Auri from Manga Toritsukareru Koto
  6. Irina from the Drunken Anime Blog
  7. Lyn from Just Something about LynLyn
  8. The Otaku Judge
  9. LitaKino from LitaKinoAnimeCorner
  10. Karandi from 100WordAnime

It was great receiving recognition from someone in the community about my work. Thanks again, zboudrie! Well, it’s off to more writing for me.

Hope you enjoyed reading this one!

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What came before and how I got to making Miandro’s Side?

#12DaysOfAnime – Before Miandro‘s Side, all of my writings went under a lot of mediums and pen-names. After one hundred fifty articles written, seventy WordPress followers and all of those numbers, I think it would be nice to share the events that brought me here and where I want to go with this blog in the future.

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Weekly Wrap-up (Oct 29 – November 4, 2017)

WEEKLY WRAP-UP – With all the new anime and gaming titles coming out, this week has been pretty material-intensive for me. Not knowing where to begin with the new anime season, or have the means to access newly released games, it has become a struggle for me to find compelling content to write about.

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Blog Update: Daily Blog Post Themes & Other Stuff

BLOG UPDATE – In the past few months, I have stuck to this one post per week rule where I try to dish out a new article every week. The whole rule seems great and all but I feel like pushing my limits, in terms of utilizing good schedules and keeping ideas fresh in my head. In that respect, I think setting up some themes would be great in order to keep me writing in a way that keeps me engaged, unlike how the current scheduling I am doing right now.

Starting next week, here is a list of what’s to come:

Expectation Mondays

Every Monday, I will be talking about five or less things that I am stoked about for the week. This could be a new episode of an anime series, a huge news announcement, an event within the community and the like.

This will keep me focused on stuff that I should be paying attention to whilst thinking of topics to talk about, in the blog, for the duration of the entire week.

Musical Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, I will be featuring a song, either from a game or an anime series, that has gotten my attention. As a pianist, I usually listen to new songs whenever I can and try to learn them so snippets of my piano playing could be found here (if I ever do get the luxury of time to do so).

I tried doing this sort of thing as a weekly song feature that was found on the right-hand side of the old blog theme I was using but I always failed to make an update, hopefully with this theme scheme I am doing the whole idea is realized.

In the Spotlight (Friday)

Every Friday, I try to highlight either an anime series, a game title, or a character from either of the two media forms. It would be pretty much similar to your usual “Top (insert number here) Best Characters” or any similar article but instead of a number of characters, it would just be one singular character.

This is to give emphasis as to why this character is so great and how he/she behaves in the game or anime title he/she comes from. Same goes for an anime series or game titled put in the spotlight.

Weekly Wrap (Saturday)

Every Saturday, I try to wrap up five or more things that were huge for the week – either a news announcement or a good article from a fellow blogger. This is because I noticed that the interactions I have with you, readers, have been really limited and constrained. Honestly, I want to hear how everyone thinks of my writing and do some good ol’ discourse.

Kind of new to this sort of “reaching out” thing but hey, I gotta start somewhere.

Other Stuff

Discussions, episode reactions, first impressions and the like will still be posted throughout the week about the recent anime or gaming titles that I have been following for the current season. I have decided to let this type of content loose since everything related to it is just out of my hat and had no proper planning whatsoever.

Although, this is pretty much late coming from me but yeah, I was able to join the Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect or OWLS group and they have been lovely people. It is always great to huddle up with people doing the same thing and share some great ideas. If you’re interested in joining us, give it a shot.

For updates on the blog and what I am planning to do, go and check out the blog’s twitter account.

Wrapping up

This entire thing is me trying to make sure the blog stays fresh and new with the writing I am dishing out as well as reaching out to other people within the community because it is getting kind of lonely here.

I think that’s all for this blog update.

What do you think of the new changes? Got a suggestion? Hit me up in the comments below.

– Miandro

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The importance of uniqueness

PERSONAL ENTRY – In early May, I had the chance to participate in a debate and public speaking workshop which taught people ways on how to think logically and out of the box.

For this personal entry, I would like to talk about one motion which we debated about: “This House would prefer to live in a world where no rhetoric of uniqueness of an individual exists.”

In this debate, I was able to learn and gain some sort of self-insight on the topic of self-worth in relation to the rhetoric of uniqueness since I was in the opposition side. So I will be sharing what I thought and said during my part of the debate.

The other side brought out the ideas that calling people unique misleads them and at the end, gets them disappointed since such aspects apparently don’t exist within them at all. In their side, they claimed that life would be better without the concept of uniqueness since discrimination and misrepresentation would be out of the picture.

Thinking about these things which they said, I thought: “that cannot be right.

For starters, they argued that the idea of telling other people that they are unique or people that personally feel that they are unique brings forth a sense of superiority and people should be aware that you are no different to anyone else.

Gathering my thoughts about what they said, I came up with this as my piece in the debate:

Why is the rhetoric of uniqueness important and impossible to remove? Competition.

If you remove the concept of uniqueness, then people would be in this mentality that their actions are basically just the same as other people so why should they live in the first place?

The rhetoric of uniqueness allows people to see and use their potential in what they do best. It may be true that two office workers may have the same jobs but if you look at it positively and differently, there is still an aspect of uniqueness in what you do.

Let us take this one example: office worker A and B are employed with the same jobs. However, office worker A does his job using a desktop computer whilst office worker B uses a typewriter. You can apply this example to two librarians working in two different institutions who prefer different methods of encoding documents.

Not motivating enough? Let me go about on a much more physical level.

You are apparently beautiful to the person sitting beside you but Lynda, the woman on the other end of the room which you are in, is not beautiful to the person sitting beside you.

But hold up, let’s think about this situation differently.

If you are beautiful to the guy sitting beside you, then you must not be beautiful to others. Doesn’t that create some sort of desire and annoyance therefore would somewhat encourage you to a certain extent to look good to other people?

In the case of the person who is not considered beautiful by the guy sitting beside you, she could possibly see this as a challenge and therefore would make personal steps to look beautiful in that person’s eyes and ultimately, to others as well.

This is why people get so easily discouraged and depressed – especially with our generation today.

Say we were to metaphorically compare our entire existence to a clean, white cloth. As time goes by, you notice a stain which was formed after you sneezed into said cloth.

Now, do you take your laundry materials and clean that stain? Or do you just look at it without doing anything at all?

In the realistic case, people would most probably wash that stain. Same as with life, you need to either wash that stain or cut that piece of cloth – whichever is most appealing to you.

If there were no sense of uniqueness, there’d be no atmosphere of competition which in turn would lead to some sort of pause in the processes of life.

If that would be the case, then why live in the first place when you don’t have reason to live? You might say, “I don’t know why I still live,” then I say to you, “Should I call a random person to figure out why you still live or would you want to look at the reason yourself?

Every individual thinks very differently from one another. Isn’t that a form of uniqueness?

The concept of uniqueness varies from person to person and whatever their interpretation of it can drastically affect how they live their lives.

I don’t know if this article made sense or anything but I hoped it somewhat cheered someone up or made them think twice about life. It’s really disheartening to see people my age succumbing to depression and anxiety just because they have the wrong mindsets. Exterior factors can fall into play and considering that thought, I hope this can be a great “exterior factor” for people to ponder on.

As the Desmond Doss, from the movie “Hacksaw Ridge,” said:

With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.

With that note, hope this article helps. Also, happy mother’s day to all moms out there.