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A look into Attack on Titan’s ending theme

ANIME, DISCUSSION – If you have followed through the second season of the Attack on Titan series, the ending theme and its animation visuals are full of references but for us, viewers, we have little to no clue as to what they represent. I’ll be going detail-by-detail of what I think about the ending theme’s visuals and make sense of it all.

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Guilty Crown’s cycle of trust issues

ANIME, DISCUSSIONS – After listening to the opening theme song for the anime series, Guilty Crown, which is My Dearest by the Japanese band supercell, I couldn’t help but get interested in this show. The visuals and lyrics of the song felt tied to the story of the show and I had to know what was the whole deal.

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Ymir’s quick turn from douche to compelling

ANIME, DISCUSSION – Ymir as a character has unexpectedly grown in terms of character development. In the first season, she was nothing short of this douche-y tomboy who had a thing for another female character, Christa. However, as we see her in every episode of the second season, she has indeed grown.

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30 Day Anime Challenge

PERSONAL ENTRY – Since I have been running out of time to keep this blog up and going, I have decided to do the “30 Day Anime Challenge” to get myself used to the current schedule I have at the moment.

Recently I have been busy collaborating with a group in the social media platform, “Habbo Hotel,” and it’s been doing good so far.

If you want to view the list, it’s on here.

The challenge starts on May 1, 2017 so that it will cover the entirety of the month of May.

Hope you have fun reading.


Where Oreimo went wrong

DISCUSSION – With the release of the new anime series, Eromanga-sensei, it made me draw comparisons between this series and Oreimo. The same format – we’ve got an unreasonably nice big brother who has a brat of a sister that doesn’t appreciate what he does for her.


However, I would like to believe that Eromanga-sensei is doing it better (so far) than Oreimo.

In Oreimo, the little sister Kirino is depicted as this brat, otaku little sister who has a really good social standing that doesn’t really appreciate his out-of-this-world nice older brother. Throughout the run of the anime series, Kirino gets slowly brushed aside.

The main character Kyousuke ends up with one of Kirino’s friends, Ruri or more commonly known by the community as Kuroneko. It was a great relationship in anime series. It made sense, it worked and was adorable to witness.


However, the series makes a hard turn for the worse as it decides to just destroy the Kuroneko x Kyousuke ship and makes the older brother go for his little sister. Now I have no strong feelings when it comes to taboo depicted in anime with the the reasoning that if it makes the plot better, then I’m all for it.

Oreimo just doesn’t do that, at all.

We have the wincest ship – a poorly-made ship. If the relationship had a reason for existing and it worked, I would’ve ignored any sort of moral taboo going on in an anime series. But no, it just doesn’t work that way.

Oreimo went bad because of several reasons.

  1. The Kyousuke x Kirino pairing was sudden and had no logical reason to exist.
  2. Suddenly they’re all lovey-dovey, like what the hell.
  3. They don’t go through it to the end.

If the anime series did not commit these mistakes, it would’ve panned out better. It would not have been the best anime series but at least, it would make some sort of sense.

I understand that the author was warned that he could not portray incestuous relationships since the company adapting the source material felt it was too sensitive. But if that were the case, then at least, the writer could not have chosen this ending.


In the Playstation Portable game adaptation of the series, Kirino and Kyousuke were not blood-related siblings which was… kind of okay? I guess? But the difference between an anime adaptation from a game adaptation is that the PSP version was visual novel. In visual novels, you can choose any heroine you want.

In the anime adaptation, we are forced to witness this one single route that we are not aware of its end nor the events that happen along it.

Some people have avoided Oreimo because of the incest aspect of it when we can watch Game of Thrones that portrays some sort of incestuous relationship or some other television or movie film.

Oreimo had something but it didn’t know what to do with it.


I hope that Eromanga-sensei tries something that makes sense, is not sudden and at the end of it all, entertaining for its viewers.

What about you? What do you think about anime series like Oreimo and Eromanga-sensei?

Leave a comment below.

(also sagiri best grill)

What’s good and bad about “deep anime?”

DISCUSSION – When I mean “deep anime”, I am referring to anime series that tend to use wordy, complex and metaphorical dialogue and processes that might seem to be a headache for a casual viewers to understand.

After watching the first episode of the anime series, SAGRADA RESET, I was left thinking to myself – “what makes a complex anime series great or bad?


I want to put the Monogatari series as an example for this article. The charm of this anime series is not mainly because of the fighting, the softcore ecchi but the witty, and intelligent remarks the characters give whilst they communicate.

Over the course of time, people have always said that it takes away some sort of realism when a male high school student converse as if he was writing an essay about social norms but that’s just it – this is what makes the anime great. Coupled with great humor, some ecchi, and seriousness, the Monogatari series shaped up to be one of the most head-turning anime series every time they release a new season for it.

The good thing about anime series that tend to go in-depth is that we learn more and more about the world they are in and we can further understand the events unfolding around them.

But an anime series with characters that talk seriously and in-depth doesn’t work if they don’t include one important aspect – how do viewers relate to these characters?
Sagrada Reset lacked in character depth to be able to appeal to the majority of its viewers for its first episode. The dialogue was interesting and deep coupled with the great usage of metaphors and short moral stories but in the end, it was for naught as these characters were not, in any way, relatable to anyone at all.

It felt like someone wrote an essay about astrophysics and it was read aloud by a toddler. It doesn’t feel, in any way, somewhat real in order for the viewers to relate with these characters. But then again, anime is a story-form based on mostly fiction so it’s not really expected to be real. However, we should at least be able to relate with these characters but the anime series fails to do this in its first episode.

So what’s the bottom-line here?


An anime series can have deep, complex, wordy, and interesting dialogues and characters but in order for it to sell to most people, it should be at least relatable.

Series that pull this off are the Monogatari series, HyoukaOregairu and many more.

These anime series pride themselves in having witty and wordy dialogue, intricate scenarios and premises whilst maintain entertainment by keeping their characters in check.

However in the end, it all comes down to what a person is interested in. Is he/she a casual viewer? Or does he/she long for more deeper and intricate story lines in order to pique his/her interest?

I, for one, am the latter.

I love stories that go deeper and explore ideas that I’ve never thought of before. It makes me think and ponder about how things are possible or not.

What about you? Do you love stories that are more deep and intricate? Or do you prefer stories that cut to the chase with all the actions and the like?

Leave your opinion in the comments below!

Top 5 Anticipated Anime for Spring 2017

DISCUSSION – It has been a long time since I have followed closely with the releases each season due to being pressed for time. In this article, I will be sharing the different anime series that I am quite excited and intrigued for this spring season.


1. Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2

After receiving a lot of hype for its first season, it is not a doubt that Shingeki no Kyojin will be part of this list.

The first season ended up with people asking a lot of questions: the titans in the wall, Eren’s basement, Annie being a titan and more. All of these questions need to be answered by this second season.

I hope that is the case for this season and there will be no similar cliffhangers or plot holes for us to banter about.


2. DanMachi: Sword Oratoria

DanMachi’s first season had some sort of arguments whether it was great or not. Was it just another Sword Art Online copy?

For me, it is not the case since this is the kind of setting the anime series is in. It is not similar to Sword Art Online’s case where the characters are trapped. No, the setting in DanMachi is the characters’ reality.

This season of DanMachi will apparently focus on Aiz Wallenstein, the female swordsman (best grill) and her adventures in the Dungeon.



The story is set in a town where almost half of the population possesses some form of special power. The story centers around two high school students: Kei Asai, who has the ability to remember everything he sees and hears, while Misora Haruki can “reset” time to a maximum of three days.

Time travel has always been a wonderful and interesting concept to me, especially when it’s in a story.

The whole pairing of a guy who possesses a sharp memory and a girl who resets time makes me wonder about the possibilities.

Say that you witnessed someone’s death – the girl can reset the time whilst the guy can remember every specific detail and work out some sort of plan to avoid such event.

But then again, that would cause some time travel problems which would require a whole other article for me to explain in.

Quite excited for this and I cannot wait.


4. Alice to Zouroku

The story centers around a girl who has the power to make her imaginations into reality. She and other girls who possess the same power are locked up in a research facility and are treated as subjects.

Sana has a specific power where she ignores the laws of physics and can bring anything into reality (literally).

However, she escapes the research facility and meets an old man named Zouroku (oh no) who takes her in (oh no), to his annoyance.

I am quite intrigued at two things: first, how her power actually works and secondly, why does this old man take her in? Just because? Or does he have ulterior motives?

Because of these two things, I am putting Alice to Zouroku as one of my anticipated anime series for this spring season.


5. Tsuki ga Kirei

Tsuki ga Kirei catches my eye because of three things:

Firstly, it is a romance anime and I have a knack for anime series in this genre. Secondly, the studio working on this is feel. which worked on Oregairu’s second season. To top it all off, the director is the same one who did Angel Beats.

This is a wonderful thing because, judging from the preview video alone, it is going to be a slice-of-life, romance anime series which might have similar vibes to Angel Beats and Oregairu.

Tsuki ga Kirei will be one of my most anticipated anime series for this season because of these reasons.

What about you? What anime series are you excited for this spring season? Share in the comment section below!

Twelve minutes of SAO: Ordinal Scale

DISCUSSION – Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale has just been theatrically released in Japanese theaters on February 18, 2017. A preview has just been released by Sony of the first twelve minutes of the movie.

After viewing the video in roughly-translated English, it seems to show the events leading up to Kirito’s involvement in the augmented reality MMO, Ordinal Scale. Throughout the video, the movie’s setting shows how much has changed since the events of SAO and GGO.

People have gotten more reliant on augmented reality in their day-to-day life. It now serves as the upgrade from smartphones to even more advanced technology. Smartphone functions can now be done in a simple movement of your arm with the new augmented reality gadget, Augma.

Gaming has changed as well. People have gotten hooked into augmented reality gaming rather than the full-dive consoles – much to Kirito’s distaste.

He’s shown a strong displeasure when it comes to augmented reality and comes around when he’s heard news of some odd happenings in the augmented reality game, Ordinal Scale.

It is revealed at the end of the video that the odd thing about this game is that some of the bosses are the same ones from the first game, Sword Art Online. Kirito sets to find out the identities of Yuna, the diva of the game; the second ranked player and the game as a whole.

Go ahead and view the first twelve minutes of the movie yourself. It shows a lot of promise.

Why am I still hopeful for Sword Art Online?

If you’ve read my article on Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, you might remember me writing about how hopeful I am for Sword Art Online to redeem itself. I haven’t changed my thoughts about it since, but why?

Sword Art Online’s popularity was probably the largest than any other anime I’ve seen. The fans were partial when it comes to their reactions about the franchise – it was either they hated it or loved it. I kind of understand since Sword Art Online had a lot of good stuff going for it and there were also numerous times where it just ruined itself.

The main reasons why Sword Art Online was ruined is either because Asuna started to suck as a character and depended heavily on Kirito as her knight-in-shinning-armor, Yui was introduced in the series, and Kirito was heavily overpowered.

In the first three episodes, Asuna was a sort of bland character and majority of us were rooting for her development but it was ruined when she developed a sort of dependent relationship with Kirito. Romance can be a good thing in a series but only when done right.

Yui, as a character, was quite absurd for me. An artificial intelligence was somehow set loose by a game’s system and players are able to “adopt” it or just make some conversations with it as if it were a legit human being. I mean, that’s quite impossible in real life but hey – it’s an anime series and anything can happen.

The biggest reason, however, is that Kirito is an overpowered player. I don’t know if the writers intended it to be like this or just didn’t know how to properly write a well-written badass main character.

Him being invincible is a factor up for debate. He might’ve become as such due to the fact that he’s a solo player and therefore gets the full amount of XP from the monsters he fought.

This part is absurd though – hacking. Every time he hacks something, it’s always convenient for plot progression. It’s like a button writers made when they’ve reached a dead end and don’t know how to justify a certain event or actions of a specific character.

But despite of all these, Sword Art Online had a lot of promise going for it.

First of all, the series was and is still known for it’s visually appealing animation. It may lack a bit in how fight scenes are animated but it still does a pretty good job in making the environment more vivid and unique.

Secondly, the setting. Despite the concept of people trapped in a virtual world or game has been used before the series started, none of them have gone deeper than Sword Art Online (as far as I know).

The series does an excellent job of portraying the MMORPG setting but it does have a few flaws. However, if the people working behind this would be able to somehow improve it – that would make a lot of improvement to SAO’s  overall setting.

The pros and cons of Sword Art Online have similar weight. I am still hopeful that with this upcoming movie, Ordinal Scale, the series will be able to redeem itself.

Augmented reality is a wonderful setting to tackle after all.

End of RWBY’s fairy tale

DISCUSSION – Rooster Teeth’s animated series, RWBY, returns with a fourth volume. The volume’s plot will revolve around the events after the fall of Beacon as the entire world of Remnant slowly descends into chaos and how the main characters are coping up with this.

Volumes 1 to 3 have been about school, friendship and good things that have happened to the characters so far. They have developed so much as characters and we’ve come to relate with them very well.

In Volume 4, however, we’ve seen a huge chaos and destruction to what the characters have developed – these relationships and self-discoveries they’ve made. Volume 4 is the end of the fairy tale. Reality has hit hard for all of these characters.

To start off, Ruby, Jaune, Nora, and Ren, have teamed up and are on a journey to possibly defeating the people behind the attacks at Beacon? I have not fully understood what is actual goal set for Team JNRR or RNJR but this is the only logical thing that they should be doing.

Along the journey, we get to see how each character has been affected by the events in the Fall of Beacon.

Nora and Ren are somewhat coping with it. Ruby, however, has changed ever since the events at Beacon. She’s somewhat got a sense of seriousness and maturity in her – but the quirkiness is there, just toned down a bit.

Jaune, however, had been most affected by the Fall of Beacon after Phyra’s death. I am not quite sure if the somewhat romantic air around the two was canon or not but without a doubt, Jaune regarded Phyra highly. The scene in episode two where Jaune trained under the supervision of Phyra’s recorded video was very emotional. Rooster Teeth was stellar at orchestrating that scene. They showed that Jaune “was tired of losing everything” and how deep his sorrow is for Phyra’s death.

Yang still hasn’t come to terms with losing her arm. She is showing this depressed side of her which is very opposite to the lock-and-load attitude she’s displayed for the past three volumes.

Blake had reverted to her loner shell and is constantly pushing all friends away from her. Her character development in the previous volumes seem for naught. She is still afraid of getting hurt and her ties to the White Fang.

Rooster Teeth’s work on RWBY’s fourth volume has been stellar. The animations are smoother than ever. I would like to point the use of shadows and gorgeous lighting from the sunset in episode three. Gotta give props to Rooster Teeth for the new stuff in RWBY.

Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.