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Catching up, rebooting and quarantine

With the inconvenience of community lockdowns and quarantines afoot, it would really seem that I have run out of excuses to avoid doing the things that have been missing from my radar in so long. One of those “missing-from-the-radar” things would be writing for this blog that I still love up until now. It has been a personal outlet for my interests in writing, anime, and the act of conveying my ideas to an audience. Being that the case, I feel that I have some sort of obligation to keep people who still snoop around this blog on what has been happening so far.

You might remember me posting an update on what I wanted to do for this blog going forward – that was more than a year ago. The most recent thing I have put out is this editorial-esque column I wrote for a student paper last year, mainly because this was a thing that kept me busy at that time in terms of my writing. Over the course of that time, a lot of things have happened.

For one, I graduated high school and now going through my freshman year in college as a political science major. This transition demanded a lot of me and yeah, plans for the blog had to stay on hold until I could come up with some sort of plan to balance things out. I have been pre-occupied with extra-curricular stuff as well, specifically competing in debate tournaments ever since high school and up to the present.

In terms of anime, I hadn’t gained the luxury of time for the consumption of it because of the reasons I’ve said. Honestly, I feel like content for anime has become oversaturated at this point and it has become way too hard to watch enough anime, be able to get writing material out of it, and at the same time, get entertained – which is probably going to be a topic deserving of its own article some other time.

That hasn’t stopped me from watching shows though. Some titles I have watched include Rising of the Shield HeroScience Fell in Love So I Tried to Prove ItWe Never Learn, BEASTARS, and a bunch of other fun stuff I wanna talk about in the next few weeks. I hope you would be looking forward to read them by the time they come out!

As for the anime writing community, I hope to slowly integrate and get active in collaborating with people – both old and new. You might imagine how weird it is for me, a dead blog, suddenly coming back to life and reaching out these circles I’ve neglected for so long. For sure, I will try to see if I remain with OWLS (which have articles you should check out) but yeah, I would be reaching out to them first – wish me luck!

Lastly, I would like to thank readers who still come and enjoy the content I have made for this blog. It is still heartwarming to see a comment now and then from people sharing their thoughts and appreciation for the writing that I do. I hope that you would be sticking by me as I put out new articles for you to enjoy and wrap your head around once again!

TLDR: I’m back, I’m writing again! Life has been tough and there’s a lot I have to catch up on! I hope you keep reading my articles! Many thanks!

Wanna keep tabs on what I’m doing? Just head on down to my Twitter! If you’re feeling business vibes, you can slide in a message on my e-mail (

See you around!

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