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Comic Girls: this is oddly familiar

On, yet, another article of “cute girls doing cute stuff” comes an anime series that intends to show just that. Comic Girls caught my attention this late and it took a good number of memes, adorable GIFs and clips to get me convinced in watching it. But I might say, this kind of show is starting to get really common and I’m not mad in the slightest.

Comic Girls starts off with an adorable high school girl named Kaos who does four-panel manga as a part-time job. She has a problem conversing with people and tears up easily at the thought of her manga’s imminent failure. In hopes of trying to take care of that problem, her assigned editor recommends a female-exclusive dormitory for young manga artists like her. After imagining the worst-case scenario, she finally pulls through and gets into the dormitory.

Her fears are proven wrong after she discovers that all of the dorm-mates are in high school and are quite friendly to her. You know the drill – cute girls befriending each other and engage in an event where they solidify said friendship.

The show gives off an all-too similar vibe to shows like ShirobakoNew Game! and many other slice-of-life series that have showcased the process of creating the things otaku love  such as manga, games, and anime. But it is a little bit different in the sense that the characters involved are not full-time working adults but rather, high schoolers who do manga as a part-time occupation.

Throughout the entire first episode, I spent most of the watching time comparing it with New Game since it was a show I just watched recently and I couldn’t help but get bored in seeing the exact same formula being used by two shows all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cute girls doing cute stuff but when it repeats the same formula, I just get really disinterested.

Comic Girls didn’t strike me as rather unique nor enjoyable mainly because the premise was getting too familiar at this point and instead of actually enjoying the show, I’m just left bored as I remember similar scenes within the show occurring in either ShirobakoNew Game or some other similar anime.

The main character, Kaos, didn’t strike me as anything special nor gave any vibes in which I would be down to root for her as a character unlike those in other series like Miyamori from Shirobako where she had a definitive goal to work on – getting into the anime industry and working with her cherished high school friends who’ve also dreamt a similar goal.

All the other characters were too generic as well. We have a somewhat shy girl who’s actually into lewd stuff, a girl who can basically do anything, an airhead to accompany with the adorably incompetent main character and a older woman who looks over them.

Pretty generic character tropes being used here in a show like Comic Girls.

Maybe I am a little too harsh on this show since this is just the first episode I’ve watched so if I can, I plan to watch until the third one. But I have a strong feeling that I am dropping this series by then.

It has been a long time since I got this very disinterested in a show.

What do you think of Comic Girls? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.


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