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Review – Love Lab

Ever since I’ve found more free time, rom-com anime has completely swallowed me whole. I guess the idea of doing seasonal watching has gone rather boring for me and now, I am in search of some good fluff shows to make my heart sing out of joy. One of these shows is Love Lab – a romantic comedy show about girls trying to fall in love.

Love Lab is an rom-com, slice of life anime adaptation produced by Dogakobo which has put out similar shows like Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kunYuruyuri and the one of the currently airing shows Tada Never Falls in Love.

The show is set in an all-girls school which is known for teaching prim and proper ladies. One of the most prominent students, student council president Natsuo Maki, ends up getting caught by the boyish, Riko Kurahashi, kissing a body pillow with a picture of a guy. After much talk, Maki ends up convincing Riko  to keep her secret and, out of misunderstanding, ends up sharing her “romantic experience” with the rest of the student council.

As a common theme for romantic-comedies, it rarely gets serious when it comes to the story. Simply put, it is episodic in nature and in every episode, the main cast get to tackle various hypothetical romantic scenarios and come up with effective ways to deal with them. All of this in the end goal of actually being in a favorable relationship with some dreamy prince they all yearn for.

While this show is no different from other comedies, it actually does a pretty great job at making sure that the humor is fresh and non-repetitive, despite using the same format. By format, I mean, character A introducing a hypothetical scenario and the rest of the cast coming up with funny and weird ways of going about it. Although by no means have I experience the all-girls school setting, I think the show captures the innocence and youth that’s supposed to be emanating from these characters.

The main driving force of this anime series boils down to character interaction and which character presents the most insane idea whilst keeping tabs with their personalities as well. There’s also that funny gag running within the show where the main character, Natsuo Maki, shifts from prim and proper ojou-san to downright shameless girl who has no lick of common sense whatsoever.

I think this contrast within her character is one of the best parts of this show. There’s also the cliche archetypes like the tsundere, the calculating one, the shy one and many more that add to the show’s entertainment value.

The animation is fairly typical for Dogakobo‘s work and romantic-comedies in general. Nothing too groundbreaking to be further expounded upon nor too distasteful to bash on. Soundtrack was highly forgettable, as per usual in most shows I watch nowadays.

Despite these flaws, it’s easy to overlook these when you have this show constantly bombarding you with fresh humor that will definitely rock your socks. If you’re someone who wants a good laugh on a gloomy day, then Love Lab is definitely the show you’ve been looking for.

You want a more light-hearted and deeper impression on this show? Take a read on how Love Lab has quirky comedy and refreshing animation.

Got any other recommendations similar to Love Lab? Want to share some thoughts? Leave it all in the comments below!

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