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Review – Interviews with Monster Girls

There has been a growing popularity for shows that portray a cast of women oddities such as monsters, animals and the like. Usually these anime would be set in the harem-genre where a normal, human male main character is surrounded by women with special physical attributes. However, Interviews with Monster Girls takes it to a more fluffy and wholesome approach.

Interviews with Monster Girls, or with Demi-chans, or its Japanese title “Demi-chan wa Kataritai” is a show that takes place in an era where demi-humans are slowly gaining acceptance in human society. A biology teacher by the name of Tetsuo Takahashi meets three of such demi-humans and engages in interview sessions with them to further understand the nature of each demi-human.

The show was an anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures and aired between January and March 2017. It is a comedy show with supernatural elements.


Interviews with Monster Girls provides an interesting premise and portrays, more or less, a high school environment wherein demi-humans exist. The story is rather light-hearted and regularly pokes fun on the myths, legends surrounding demi-humans such as vampires, dullahans, succubi and many others. But I was taken by surprise at how it tried to create a serious backdrop to its entertaining comedy existing between all characters within the show.

Unlike most anime created for comedy and gags, Interviews with Monster Girls attempts at a serious approach from time-to-time as it tries to tackle the nature of each demi-human girl and how these special attributes of theirs affect their normal lives.

For example, I found the snow woman arc rather interesting since it revolves around a high school girl riddled who’s anxious and fearful that her powers might pose a threat to the people around her such as freezing a person accidentally. It was great to see this character slowly understanding and coming to terms that she should not create an extreme distance and hate towards her special attributes but rather accept it as part of her individuality with the help of her teacher.

The show strikes a balance between being lighthearted and funny but also dealing with some serious themes which, in total, brings the audience to further understand and sympathize the characters within this anime – and I think that’s a wonderful feat.


In terms of animation, A-1 Pictures has always been this one studio that confuses me. There are times where their work shines and times when I just wonder why it all felt short in some scenes. The opening and ending animation sequences where quite well done though, especially the cardboard cut-out flair they added in the opening. Seeing a pop-out being used to describe each and every demi-human as they were introduced to the screen was fun to watch.

For the soundtrack, it wasn’t that noticeable. I mean, I could probably do without it but the show’s pride isn’t in the sounds but again, the story balancing and character development.

If you’d like to take some time off from your seasonal anime watching or just want to find some of that good, wholesome fluff, then Interviews with Monster Girls is a great show for you!

I loved this show so much that I might dedicate this week and the next for it. How did you find this show? Got some recommendations? Leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

2 replies on “Review – Interviews with Monster Girls”

I love the succubus teacher the most, because she is just adorable doing her best not to be seductive, and yet she always seem to be, even if the show doesn’t make her do it. haha
I did find the show a bit forgettable though, but the experience was certainly fun.

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