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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii is as straight a rom-com can get

Romance-comedy anime has always been what I personally consider as one of my favorite genres. The pacing from light-hearted humor transitioning to the eventual romantic development between characters is just something that gets me excited whenever I watch a new show. This spring season is no different and one of those shows might be Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii.

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, or Wotakoi for short, is somewhat similar to another anime entitled Servant x Service with its romance-comedy set in an office space. But in contrast to Servant x Service, it tries to be much more direct and clear on the relationships existing between the characters rather than have some dere-dere and denial moments going on between the main couple.

The first episode establishes the premise of who are our main people and why are they in their current positions. Main female character, Narumi, transfers to a new company after being found out of her otaku inclinations in her previous workplace. After being dumped by her boyfriend and disgusted by her old co-workers, she decides to start a new job in a different company where she vows to keep her yaoi interests a well-kept secret.

Turns out keeping things hush-hush is hard enough when you realize that your childhood friend is also employed in the same company. Enter main male character, Hirotaka, a gamer who keeps a cool air around him in the workplace and Narumi’s childhood friend in middle school. She was almost found out when Hirotaka was asking her about participating in comiket, much to the interest of Narumi’s senior co-worker, Hanako.

Narumi befriends Hanako for being a fujoshi. At the end, Hirotaka offers himself as a boyfriend after Narumi complains about how romance is hard when you’re an otaku, to which she replies “yes” in a direct, nonchalant manner.

The first episode was, in short, pretty direct and I am excited that this rom-com will focus about an actual main couple and their lives rather than two people trying to figure out their feelings with some humor dashed in those times. Although the characters are not that amazing and the only thing that’s interesting me is their weird relationship, hell, I’m diving into this show as the filthy rom-com lover I am.

Narumi’s voice actress, Arisa Date, is something to be noted in this series. I don’t really have the proper words for it but she seems so natural, loose and hearing her voice being used for this character is kind of like the best fit for her. That is incredible considering this is Arisa’s debut voice acting in an anime, according to AniChart‘s website.

If you’re aching for that sweet, vanilla-flavored romance-comedy, then you might wanna give Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii a try.

Wanna share some really great titles coming out this spring season? Or perhaps, some good romance-comedy anime shows? Get typing in the comments below!

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