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Mahou Shoujo Site: a not-so-lucky day for my stomach

The magical girl genre is something that I never found interest in. Mainly due to the fact that a bunch of young girls battling in a war versus evil with the power of friendship is not exactly my cup of tea. However, over the course of recent years, there has been a slight shift to this genre and that is the deconstruction trend gaining more popularity among viewers. Mahou Shoujo Site is no different.

It is common knowledge to understand that magical girls have been a staple in anime culture with the popularity of shows like Sailor MoonCardcaptor Sakura, and others more. Heck, we have similar shows like this circulating in the Western world. The genre essentially is just cute girls fighting off the forces of evil in the most cutest method you can imagine – friendship, love, courage and all of that cheesy cliches you would expect from such shows.

But as time passed by, darker and mature elements were introduced into this genre with a show like Puella Magi Madoka Magica opening those elements even further. It was usually describe by critics as a “deconstruction,” or any other synonym, to the magical girl format with the twist that maybe being a magical girl is not all hearts and friendship. Believe me, that is a swell and a sharp turn to what magical girls were previously deemed to be.

Mahou Shoujo Site takes that very same direction but kicks it up a notch – what if we really make life a living hell for our main magical girl? This show tries to incorporate any method of domestic abuse common in society: bullying, torture, psychological torture, attempted rape, murder and all of that wonderful stuff.

That is a really sharp turn to what we used to view magical girls as: courageous, always on the winning side. I mean, seriously, the entirety of the show’s premiere episode might even be considered a haven who have a thing for abusing people. But I’ll try to not deviate from the whole genre turning darker and save it for another time – what did I think of this show?

The show had my stomach turn, my body tensing up and my head swirling multiple times through the first episode’s running time. The whole thing was just dominated by every possible bad thing imaginable you could do to a person. Although, if memory serves, usually making a character get through a lot of tough ordeals might develop them into something stronger, I don’t think that’s the direction that Mahou Shoujo Site is taking.

At least, it’s not yet visible in the first episode.

The main character feels surprisingly pathetic and although, I feel sick and angry at the abuse she is being given by her peers and family, I do not find any compelling value within me to be attached to her character. I would have wished that she had some great notable features in terms of her personality, ideals and the like but honestly, she just comes off as pretty pathetic in my eyes.

I do not feel invested in her character as the episode has not given me any good thing to take note of her. In writing this article, I even forgot her name a couple of times and that’s how forgettable she was which is why I refer to her as the “main magical girl” or the “main character” throughout this article because, again, she’s just not memorable enough yet.

It probably would’ve been different if she had this youthful optimism to becoming a magical girl just like Madoka was from the show, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. However, I am interested in how far this series would go in terms of portraying the abuses for each episode and I would like that all of this suffering would mean something in the end, rather than just be eye-candy for people who relish in the act of abusing someone or just a turn-off for those of the weak-hearted that cannot bear for the life of them to watch the first episode in its entirety.

Mahou Shoujo Site is an interesting take on the magical girl genre and I hope it does come out as somewhat of a good show in the end. But I have a feeling that this will all turn similar to a show called Akuma no Riddle where the story revolves around girl assassins who are sent out to kill but two of them have some romantic feelings for each other and end up going against the very people who trained them.

In short, I hope this show does not screw itself up.

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oh wow, you were really affected, huh? I was too, especially the kitten part, but I dunno, I kinda wanted more. If this was live action, then I’m sure I’d start vomiting, for sure.

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