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Review – Violet Evergarden

With the release of a few short previews, an exclusive first episode premiere event to lucky selected individuals in Japan and in an anime convention, and an excessive amount of hype following that, Violet Evergarden had become the most anticipated anime series of 2018. Although, a good number of people were disappointed in the show, it has a significant place in my heart.


Violet Evergarden suffered a slow pacing in its first few episodes mainly due to the fact of how bland the main character was, which is Violet Evergarden.

Her robotic personality made the show unappealing to the majority of new viewers and it seemed that she was not the selling point of the show. After a few episodes, most viewers already dropped due to lack of engagement between the viewer and the main character.

But, in a personal perspective, I think this direction of storytelling was necessary for Violet Evergarden‘s ability to create a really well-written show. For without it, the show would be nothing more but a dull story about some girl who has robotic demeanor and being dependent on her master, the Major, as explained to us in the initial parts of the story.

With that, I can say that in order to thoroughly get into this show, you need to exercise some deep patience and understanding for the show as it picks up after the third episode. At that point, this is where the show uses the most wonderful way of building up the story, the world and most importantly, it’s main character – the side characters.

I think it was a great way of trying to understand a character as blank as Violet – to use the characters around her. This is where the show shines exceptionally in using its various array of characters to build-up Violet’s. Each time Violet meets a new character, converses and writes a letter for them, she gets to understand a little bit of herself, her emotions and the world around her. That is what makes this show so wonderful and unique.


The side character is not simply for story progression but rather, the side characters are major characters themselves. Each of them play a crucial role to how the story pans out and how Violet comes out of her self-created cage of robotic demeanor.

I cannot express how beautiful and profound this writing style is without your own time spent into actually watching this anime series. This might be the only show where I would, at least, shed a tear for each episode as I get to know about these characters and their backgrounds and how Violet tries to understand these emotions.

It is, as if, this show tries to put us into the shoes of Violet to which is why it is crucial for her to be a blank slate. In order for us to further understand and deeply empathize what all of these characters have gone through in relation to the setting they are all placed in, viewers are coerced to delve in the shoes of Violet Evergarden rather than being the typical observer.

The show does not utilize a side character to explain the world’s technicalities, the understanding of the story is not forcibly fed towards the viewer but rather, they discover it in their own personal way and I think Violet Evergarden deserves, at least, being recognized as a contender for Anime of the Year.


Aside from its wonderful way of conveying the story, Violet Evergarden boasts a rich and beautiful soundtrack that just tugs at your heartstrings and allow you, the viewer, to actually feel the tone and emotion of each scene.

It is a combination of mystery, beauty and adventure as a result of a wonderful symphony of choral voices, a soft piano, a loving violin and ah, damn, this soundtrack just makes me drool. I love how it incorporates the sounds of a typewriter in use with its soundtrack – that is, in fact, a wonderful and personal touch of Violet in the music.

The soundtrack is wonderfully used and contributes to that air of emotions that just attacks your heart constantly and thus, coercing you to fit into the shoes of these characters. Love, confusion, peace – literally all emotions can be fit into this wondrous collection of masterpieces.

You can give the soundtrack a listen here:


The animation, my dear lord, does not need any more explanation. It is just simply beautiful and just shows how the people at Kyoto Animation are capable of, not only showing us these characters, but how they all feel through the wonderful usage of natural body movements. It feels all too real to see natural human movements being incorporated into these characters.

This scene was phenomenal.

They all give a great mesh of realism with fantasy and that is highly important to convey an important aspect of emotions – for the viewer to understand how they are. Are they frustrated? Anxious? Happy? All of these things are well-depicted in Kyoto Animation‘s work.

I could talk for sentences and sentences on end regarding how beautiful this show is in all aspects: animation, characters, story, and its sound. But really, that’s nothing compared to actually feeling and watching this show for yourself.

I highly suggest that you watch this show if the opportunity presents itself to you.

It is a great shame that some people just can’t wait for a show to pick up. Although, I do understand the reasoning behind creating a “three episode” rule, especially for people like me who want to watch shows as they air by the season.

But please, give Violet Evergarden a chance. You won’t regret it. It’s a wonderful show and I want a good number of people to know that, in some way.

What do you think of Violet Evergarden? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

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