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Reaction – Citrus Episode 1

In all of the shows coming out for this anime season, Citrus is the only one that I have actually seen the original material. The manga was popular for a time in the school where I was studying and people were lending their copies of the manga. Out of curiosity, I followed suit and it was quite an entertaining read. Just like the manga, the anime delivers the same amount of fun.


The episode starts out with the introduction of our main character, Yuzu Aihara, as she talks with her friends about transferring schools. It’s the usual scene when someone bids farewell to their friend who’s going to be gone for a very long time.

What’s weird for me was the show’s choice for the opening theme. It felt a little bit rock n’ roll-esque and unorthodox for a yuri romance anime. Whether this is a good thing or not, I don’t know. But it does not shy away from actually showcasing what this show is all about – especially with all that kissing and grabbing.

Later on, we get back to Yuzu as she goes to an all-girls school. She gets reprimanded for her means of clothing which makes her stand out. To which she’s pretty mad about and asks the student council members to overlook her infractions since she’s a newly transferred student.

This whole farce of hers got shut down, however, when the student council president Mei Aihara goes and procures her smartphone in the most weirdest way. But who am I kidding? This is an anime about 2D girls getting down and dirty. What was I supposed to expect?

Yuzu finds a hard time getting herself some new friends seeing that the entire class just sees her as another typical delinquent. However, for the exception of one classmate who shares her pain – Harumi Taniguchi. Harumi explains to Yuzu how the society inside the school has this sort of escalator system wherein you can’t just go toe-to-toe with other students in school.

After classes, she attempts to hit on their handsome homeroom teacher but discovers that he is sharing a very intimate moment with the student council president in the back area of a school building. Yuzu gets discovered and makes a mad dash for it.

She comes home only to realize that her remarried mother not only brought a new father for her but also, a little sister – the student council president, Mei Aihara.

Yuzu tries to connect and make amends with Mei after the awkward situations they both got involved in at school but to no avail. In attempts to grab her attention, she talks about what happened between Mei and the homeroom teacher. Yuzu gets interrupted by Mei pinning her down the bed and kissing her.

Then the episode ends.

This show is and will not hold back on the yuri. As someone who has read a few chapters of the manga, there will always be sexual tension between these girls and it’s not going to stop. It’s just going to get even more deeper.

Overall, the episode was pretty satisfying and as I regret to do this, comparing it to the manga – it did a pretty good job as an adaptation on its first episode. Hopefully the momentum keeps up.

Time to put my Yuri hat on.



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