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Review – Servant X Service

When I first saw the opening theme for this anime series, I was immediately hooked by its music and animation sequence. It appeared to be a lot of fun and wackiness which eventually lead me to watching the show in its entirety. Here are my thoughts on the anime series, Servant x Service.


Servant x Service is an anime adaptation of a manga with the same name that aired from July to September 2013. The show was directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto, written by Taketo Shimamaya, and animated by A-1 Pictures.

Thirteen episodes full of elements landing itself within the comedy, slice-of-life and romance genres. Truly, Servant x Service is a show that is very similar to your American office rom-coms when it comes to its format.

The story revolves around the daily lives of employees in a government office. One of the main characters, Lucy, applies for a job in the office to take revenge against the civil servant that approved her ridiculously long name. The cast find out that being a civil servant is not easy with dealing angry citizens and wacky, aloof co-workers every day.

It is essentially a story about the new hires along with Lucy and how they get through everyday life in a government office.

The story, by itself, is just one of those normal-sounding situations with a weird twist to it. Being that we have a main protagonist who just applied for a job to get revenge in regards to her long name.

What entertained me, however, was the comedic interactions between the new hires and the development of romantic relationships. It was entertaining to see how the main characters, Lucy and Hasebe, would go from teasing and insulting each other to harboring romantic feelings for one another.

The characters, themselves, and their interactions were the spotlight for this show. It was nice to see them interact and the comedic value was kept to a respectable amount. Enough to be entertaining for me.



Each character had their own quirks. For example, Lucy airheaded-ness would be subject to a lot of teasing and comedic misunderstandings between the new hires. Hasebe’s slacking yet smart personality would ultimately appear somewhat similar to Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto‘s main titular character, Sakamoto.

There was also Miyoshi, a shy individual yet hides a really sharp tongue. She ends up insulting and putting people down in the most unintentional way which is hilarious during conversations where she talks a lot.

Each character having their own unique quirks to their personalities is what drives the comedy and entertainment of this show.

The animation for this show was pretty much general, as expected of a comedy animated series from A-1 Pictures. I do admit that I was stunned with the opening animation sequence that shows every episode. The mix of 3D CGI, 2D animation and to top it all off, a really great use of colors – it was one of the things that got me interested in the series.

Seriously, you should go and check out that opening theme. Good stuff.

The music was largely done by a group called monaca. Honestly, it did not really leave a lasting impression on me with the exception of the opening theme. Every scene had an appropriate usage of the different tracks but they weren’t good enough on their own.

Overall, the anime series Servant x Service is a great go-to for viewers who just need that little bit of rom-com in their watching list. The romantic subplots culminate in the most satisfying way in the end despite not really having a definite conclusion. However, they do a good thing of suggesting that the characters have ended up with each other.

I highly recommend this show.

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