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Review – Blend S

Usually there’s that group of shows that doesn’t get too serious nor does it get too dull. Rather, it tries to make sure that the audience is well-entertained, compelled, and satisfied. In this season, Blend S is one of those shows that pride itself with that good ol’ comedy.


Blend S is a slice of life, comedy anime produced by A-1 Pictures which started airing during the fall season of 2018. The show revolves around a high school girl named Maika Sakuranomiya who has trouble in finding a part-time job. This is because of how she menacing she looks whenever she smiles.

But one day, she is approached by an Italian man named Dino to work for him in the cafe he manages which is named Cafe Stile. In that cafe, the waitresses have to assume different personas such as a tsundere, a younger sister and many more.

Because of her looks, Maika is given the sadist persona to act out and has to be dominant and cruel on the customers. This doesn’t sit well with her because of her innocent personality but she pulls it off unintentionally.


Unlike most shows, Blend S tries to not set up an end goal. Rather, the thing they do well in this show is how they present the comedy. It was an interesting watch for me, as a viewer, to just look at this inherently nice girl having to assume such sadistic behavior and doing it without even noticing.

The main sources of comedy were Maika’s hesitation and development to become good at portraying the sadist persona to satisfy masochistic customers. That wackiness and misunderstanding coming from Maika’s lack of otaku knowledge just makes her think that she’s doing a really bad job as she mouths off to these customers.


However, the other source of comedy has got to be the romantic subplot happening throughout the series. It did not gain much traction until we were in the second half of the show and although it was somewhat hinted in the beginning, it felt somewhat forced. In the end, it never had any sort of conclusion and any hope of such thing was swept away with, you know, the usual “misunderstanding what you said” conversation.


Nonetheless, it did fuel the comedic necessities of the show.

The characters were as plain as they could be. Blend S does its humor using interaction between the different characters. There’s that ongoing trope on how the manager is useless, or how people portray one character as being too young despite being over eighteen and many more.


In terms of animation, it was pretty generic. I believe that the light colors were quite evident throughout the entire series. There’s also that smooth transition between serious-looking to comedic, chibi-styled animation which proved to be useful to just give off that comedic air from the show.

There’s not much I can praise in this show in regards to its animation.


The music, however, felt rather generic and forgettable. It fell under the category where you would put all of the comedy background music in. There was nothing too special nor too bad.

Overall, Blend S is a very simple show that tries its very best to keep people entertained with its wacky tropes and themes. If you require a little bit of laugh, then Blend S is probably a good show for you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t enjoy this.

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