Why anime out of all things?

#12DaysOfAnime – In a time where entertainment comes in various forms, we always find that one format in particular that just gets us addicted. Nothing compares to what we deem as our “favorites,” even if someone persuades us to think differently. So why anime out of all the things that I could be enjoying right now?

Anime is just one of the multiple forms of entertainment that is available to us. We have sitcoms, radio talk shows, podcasts, video game streams, the latest films – but why is it, out of everything else, anime is just that one thing I come back for?

Here are a list of things that I find entertaining and unique about anime.

1. It is a flexible form of media


Unlike others wherein there is a clear distinction between films based on their origins in terms of style of story writing, culture being presented and such – anime tries to be flexible in the sense that anything can be deemed as anime.

Forget the elitist perception of viewing the term “anime” as a description for animated films and shows exclusively being created in Japan.

We have seen anime influencing other parts of the world. Thus creating or inspiring shows like the US’ Avatar the Last AirbenderThe Legend of Korra, China’s The King’s Avatar, and the indie-produced anime RWBY.

Yes, everybody, we can call these shows “anime” because they share the same styles in story, formats and the like.

2. It comes with an array of genres


In comparison to other formats, anime has a huge list of genres for people to just from. We have children’s, girls’, boys’, slice of life, harem, psychological and many more.

Anime, as a form of entertainment, does not restrict itself to the usual action, drama, suspense, thriller and other common genres. Rather, it tries to be all-encompassing to suit all viewers coming from all walks of life, gender, age and backgrounds.

It is a format that tries to cater the majority’s taste.

3. It is not afraid to break stereotypes

Unlike the restrictions on creativity being forced on directors, writers, and playwrights – the anime industry does not try to hinder its creators from expressing their unique stories.


Only in anime do we see stories about a fox goddess getting it on with a mortal while also indulging us in the joys of economics (Spice and Wolf), the wacky adventures of an almost disowned god with a high school girl (Noragami), and so many other titles.

We even have shows portraying relationships between cousins or siblings, as odd that may sound. But they do provide some of the most trashiest yet entertaining gimmicks for us, viewers, that we can somewhat forgive the creator for this somewhat outrageous theme for a story.


A show about an academy for heroes (My Hero Academia), a show about dirty jokes being against the law (A world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn’t exist), and a show about sensual ice skating (Yuri on Ice).

Anime just offers so many unique, yet questionable, themes every season that you can never get tired of watching it and instead, just keep asking for more shows.

What do you like about anime? Share your answers in the comments below!

Merry Christmas to all of you. If you haven’t noticed, this article seemed kind of rushed due to the fact that I had little to no time preparing this. I had only half an hour to write this article and I am quite content on what I’ve done.

Thanks for reading the second entry for this year’s twelve days of anime. Be sure to check out stuff related to this ani-blogging challenge by searching #12DaysOfAnime on Twitter.

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