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Miandro’s Spotlight – A writing spree

Miandro’s Spotlight is a weekly blog update rounding up what has been happening to the blog such as the latest posts, what’s caught my eye, and what I plan for the near future.

Twelve days for a writing spree

The 12 Days of Anime challenge has been a mix of fun and stress for me. Before the month of December started, I already had laid out a plan on what to write about for these twelve remaining day before Christmas.

However, I always find myself at a writing block whenever I look again at one of my title prompts and end up thinking, “Okay, wait, where was I going with this title again?

After hours of procrastination and pondering, the outcome would have been a pretty rushed article or an article that was never planned. This is the bad thing about rushing – although you might dish out results, it doesn’t have enough substance and I just end up getting mad at myself for writing these posts that really don’t hit the title prompt.

On the bright side, this challenge has also tested my capabilities as a writer. For the past few days, I never knew that I was capable of writing an article worth of a thousand words in under an hour. Nor was I also aware that I had the capability to somewhat nihilistic or deep, especially in that article on Shu Ouma and being perfect.

There’s only two days left and I hope the 12 Days of Anime challenge was enjoyable for you, guys, as much as I had fun writing them.

Week’s reactions

The Ancient Magus Bride

Just got caught up on the latest episodes and damn, those were good character developments for Elias. We got to know more about his origins and why he acts so insecure around Chise.

We also got to understand a little bit of this world especially about the land of the dragons and its connections to elves, more about Sleigh Beggys such as Chise.

The show has always done a great job at switching tones at the right times from comedy to serious. Pretty much excited for what Elias has to reveal to Chise and how they would end up together in the long run.

RWBY Volume 5 Episode 10

After the developments shown to us from this episode and the previous one, we know that the upcoming battle in Haven Academy is going to be a messy one. We have fighters from the Branwen Tribe, the fauness, the entire gang from Beacon Academy, and Seylum’s accomplices.

Also, just realized that this volume is almost about to end. Damn, how time flies.

Aside from all that reconciliation, alliances forming, and plots cooking, I am pretty much excited on how everything is going to end up once the smoke clears. Will team RWBY be united? Heck, hype is real.

Blend S

This show still serves as my hot cup of comedy for this chilly winter anime season. There are still romantic subplots between the characters but I doubt that they would be fulfilled. Pretty much content on what this show has to offer in terms of entertainment and not expecting anything serious to happen anytime soon.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto and the gang are finally doing their first exams. This is basically similar to how Team 7 from the Naruto series did their exams. Only that there’s lesser tension and more easygoing characters are present.

I did not feel any sort of thing at stake when the characters were trying to beat Kakashi and the other teachers to pass. Probably because I pretty much know what’s going to happen.

Well, they passed and had some troubles about the team comprising Naruto, Sasuke and Orochimaru. I mean, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki. A new Team 7 is born, yada yada~

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m still following this show. Maybe I’m just waiting for the time when things start to get a little bit tense.

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