The anime sounds of Christmas

#12DaysOfAnime – The relationship between Christmas and music has been a thing I’m always fond about. Songs of joy, warmth and good tidings – all of these these sounds come about in this lovely time of the year. In light of the Christmas spirit, allow me to share some of my personal favorites that I play every Christmas season.

This is an un-ranked list and thus, whatever order these songs are, doesn’t mean they are ultimately the best ones.

Yasashii Boukyaku from the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yasashii Boukyaku is a song sung by Chihira Minori, voice actress for one of the film’s characters Yuki Nagato.

A contrast to the majority of the songs under the film’s soundtrack, the song is melancholic and calm in nature. It was used as the ending and main theme songs for the film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

It holds a special place in my heart since it somehow vocalizes the thoughts and intentions of the voice actress’ assigned character Yuki Nagato of her longing to live normally in comparison to her current robotic self.

It is a wonderful song and I love it for its symbolic value in connection to the film’s story which you will understand once you watch the film.

Holy Night from Toradora

An original song for the series Toradora, the song Holy Night was used as an episode ending theme and was performed by the voice actresses of characters Taiga and Eri in the show.

The song and its lyrics show how each character within the series is affected by their struggle to succeed in their romantic endeavors only to find themselves locked in a corner being unable to do it.

It is a sad yet joyful song as it expresses hope through the message of the lyrics where the vocalist, which I presume is singing in Taiga’s perspective, longs to spend her Christmas with a special someone.

SOS Dan Christmas Party from the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya soundtrack

Initially played during the first parts of the film, it shows the upbeat tone of the entire series as this song plays when Haruhi and the gang sets up their decorations for their club Christmas party.

A wonderful song filled with the jingling bells, jazzy tunes and upbeat drums – it’s a great song to be playing when you’re in a party, yourself, or wrapping up all of those gifts for your loved ones.

Christmas is a very universal holiday and, no matter how you celebrate it or how you call the holiday, the core thing about this time of the year is that it is a period of giving, joy, and smiles – no matter where you are in the globe.

The same thing can be said for music. Despite being vocalized in different languages, the people’s interest in foreign music like K-POP, J-POP, Latin American and all other genres of music show that we share the same themes in our favorite music and everyone can appreciate it.

Christmas and music are both universally understood aspects of our human culture.

The thing about writing something in regards to music is that I find myself in a difficult position to write about it and the confusing thing is that I don’t know why that’s the case for me. Anyhow, I wanted to challenge myself and came up with this.

Thanks for reading the second entry for this year’s twelve days of anime. Be sure to check out stuff related to this ani-blogging challenge by searching #12DaysOfAnime on Twitter. Make sure to share your thoughts on this article and I will try to respond.

While I am at it, try reading some entries from my pals from OWLS. For the month of December, we are discussing about the portrayal of warmth in our favorite titles so be sure to check them out!

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