Why it’s important to know who your friends are

#12DaysOfAnime – Friends are a must in life. They keep things interesting and, at times, will back you up on your lowest moments. It is a must for someone to understand the ins and outs of your friends – what makes them tick and heel. To provide an example, the anime series Guilty Crown portrays this pretty well.

I both love and hate Guilty Crown for this very reason – the characters are written almost realistically and the relationships between them feel very real for most of the series.

To start off, let us talk about the main character, Shu Ouma, a normal high school student that gets caught up in a war between the government and a rebel group. This is all because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bad luck Ouma

The show implies that this guy has somewhat of an anxiety disorder as how he so easily gets torn apart in every betrayal, event, and decision that goes ultimately wrong for him. Hell, this series might as well be titled “Please don’t f*ck it up, Shu. Oh no, you did it again.”

But really, the misfortunes of Shu Ouma are all avoidable and were caused by his own shortsightedness and utter stupidity which is why, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the amateur’s guide to not get f*cked in the arse by other people and not be Shu Ouma.

Tip #1: Understand the people that surround you

Knowledge is key, Shu

Whenever someone comes up to you and tries to befriend you, always be on high guard.

You have to understand that it’s a man-eats-man world out there. As horrible as it sounds, this is, unfortunately, the world we live in and it’s up to us to put a little bit of positive in it. But you can’t do that with someone trying to put you down without your own knowledge.

I am not saying that you should be an anti-social loner but rather what I’m trying to point out is that surround yourself with people that bring you up rather than down.

Don’t surround yourself with people like Gai who try to manipulate you for their own goals, Inori who try to play with your affections for their own satisfaction, and other more obvious reasons.

Cynics, judgmental individuals – all of these people, as horrible as it sounds, are people you should try to be highly aware of.

Befriend them if you wish but understand what constitutes their negative behavior as a whole and be a positive influence for them to change rather than be affected by their negativity.

Tip #2: Try to keep a cool, calm demeanor

Shu Ouma doing exactly the opposite of what he should do

Act all defenseless and scare then you’re bound to get shut down by people who try to take advantage of you.

Always try to understand your current situation: is it the end of the world? Is there a way out of this mess? What am I doing wrong?

These questions and many others have answers. It’s up to you to find them out.

Always remember that no challenge is too difficult to bear – no matter how convoluted and messy the whole situation seems. The only enemy you have in this kind of situation is yourself.

The mind is a very powerful thing and trapping yourself with mental scenarios in thinking that everything is just gonna go ablaze is a big mistake. Trust me on this and don’t fall on the same mental traps that other people, including me, have.

Tip #3: Be the influence-r and not the influenced

All of your friends conspire against you? Even better, conspire against yourself!

The problem gets worse once you get dragged into a mentality that’s negative at its core, especially when you’re in a circle of friends.

Always try to be the sense of reason for your peers and be the better individual. However, don’t start being boastful by coming off as someone who ruins the fun when you talk smart.

Know the limits of what you and your pals can do.

If it hurts other people, don’t do it.
If it’s unfair to some of your pals, don’t do it.
If it does nothing good to you or your friends, don’t do it.

Simple as that.

Tip #4: Don’t be a Shu Ouma

Ha ha ha, no.

As cool as his powers may be, nothing good can come out of someone who’s too stupid, too scared and too trusting in every situation.

Don’t get manipulated, understand the consequences of your actions, try to be reasonable and most of all – don’t get scared.

You know what they say, “There is no shame in surrender but in retreat.”

Just… whatever constitutes Shu Ouma as a person, don’t be that guy.

This article just went for a comedic, rant-ish route while I was writing it and I never realized it until the last few sentences. Despite that, I am pretty satisfied on this. If you haven’t followed me for long, I absolutely hate Shu Ouma as a character. Give the show a spin, after that, read this article – you’ll see why.

Anyways, thanks for reading the second entry for this year’s twelve days of anime. Be sure to check out stuff related to this ani-blogging challenge by searching #12DaysOfAnime on Twitter. Make sure to share your thoughts on this article and I will try to respond.

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3 replies on “Why it’s important to know who your friends are”

hugot, lol
but yeah, good tips. i don’t remember why i hate GC, prolly because of the main character, but I just now I hate GC a lot. With my entire being.
but the surround yourself with people that’ll life you up is on point, i realized that as well as I tried to re-integrate to the real world a few years back. xD

Liked by 2 people

Hahaha, was it too hugot? I apologize 😛

Nice to hear you doing your best in putting yourself out there. Although it’s not easy trying to open up with others, the risk-reward trade-off is wonderful.

And yeah, I have a love and hate relationship with Guilty Crown.

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