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Miandro’s Spotlight – 12 Days of Anime


Miandro’s Spotlight is a weekly blog update rounding up what has been happening to the blog such as the latest posts, what’s caught my eye, and what I plan for the near future.

The Twelve Days of Anime

This month is probably the first instance where I plan to heavily invest the blog in terms of stuff related to the Christmas season. Luckily I came across with appropriant from Perpetual Morning and their post about the “12 Days of Anime” where everyone is welcome to participate in.

With that, I decided to participate myself in the blogging challenge and bask in the spirit of Christmas. It would essentially be a stream of posts, each going live every day starting from the 14th to 25th of December.

I am pretty much excited as I finalize the articles scheduled for these twelve days and hope that you enjoy them once they go live.

Week’s reactions

Blend S

After catching with the eighth and ninth episodes of this show, it never fails to put a smile in my face. With the addition of the “surprise” girl and the “surprise” of him being a guy, the cast just gets wackier every episode. On the other hand, I feel like the romantic sub-plot between the manager and the main female protagonist seems to feed the need for a comedy and doesn’t appear to be showing fruition, other than little bits of realizations on both sides.

Nevertheless, Blend S is doing just fine in filling that gap of fun for me this week.

Boruto: Next Generations

This week’s episode of Boruto has been rather boring since the past few episodes have been nothing but having us see how the titular character copes on the eventual break-up of their current class as they graduate and go on their separate ways.

However, this episode proved to be enlightening in telling me that, in comparison to the Naruto series, the timeline in which Boruto  is set in is a peaceful era – one without war and conflict. That proves to be a hard setting to be writing about whilst keeping it fresh for the audience.

I hope Boruto gets rid of this entertainment hiccup and have us get to the exciting stuff.

Interesting stuff

The Trolley Problem

With the advent of self-driving cars, a famous YouTube personality Michael from Vsauce endeavors to study the ethical implications of the trolley dilemma where car should go through a passage blocked by five people or a single individual.

It was an interesting video on how this decision would affect people whilst under that very situation of choosing who would live. You should go check it out!

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