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Looking at large-scale conflicts in anime

In every show, novel or film, there is no better to culminate your story with a large-scale conflict of epic proportions. This is especially true in stories that involve multiple characters such as the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games and more. Here, we’ll discuss on anime titles that had a notable, well-written conflict in its story.

Disclaimer: this is a rather biased list revolving around the stuff I have watched already.


When we say “large-scale,” I am talking about actual wars that happen between two or more factions existing within the story. For that, I am taking out conflicts between individuals, or battle-royale themed, like Mirai Nikki and others. This list is not arranged in any order so there is no “best” in any of the conflicts I am going to talk about.

Log Horizon: Return of the Goblin King arc

Log Horizon is an anime series that revolves around Shiroe and other players in the game Elder Tale after they find themselves trapped following a game update. The game update introduced some unorthodox and realistic changes within the AI, or the “People of the Land.”

In this arc, a quest called “Return of the Goblin King” doesn’t get completed by the players and thus allows the goblins to amass a huge army against players and the People of the Land.

Since players can respawn, as per game mechanics, the People of the Land stand to lose a lot in the event that the goblins attack their major cities.


Thus, the Conference of Lords, an alliance of nobles from the People of the Land, demand the Round Table Alliance, led by leaders of the various player guilds, to defend them.

For the service, the Round Table Alliance wishes to join the Conference as a member and benefit from shared resources, trade and the like – much to disagreement among nobles since they do not have complete trust on the players.

With the work of diplomacy and a little bit of politics, a compromise was made between two parties and the goblin threat was handled.

Shakugan no Shana: the Second Great War

Shakugan no Shana is an anime series revolves around a high school student named Yuji Sakai and a Flame Haze which he names Shana being thrown in a massive conflict between Flame Hazes and inhabitants of the Crimson Realm who feed on the existence of life.

The Second Great War is between the Flame Haze army and the Bal Masque, a Crimson Realm organization who seeks to escape the abyss, that is the Crimson Realm, and take over the Earth. In short, demons trying to claim the human world for them to inhabit in.


War starts when the aforementioned high school student, Yuji Sakai, is taken by the Bal Masque as the host of their master. Thus the Flame Haze, Shana, also gets thrown into the mix. These two characters become the center of the entire conflict between the Flame Hazes and the Crimson Denizens.

This arc is a well-written, large-scale conflict that brings almost every story into one big culmination with the Flame Haze winning, Yuji and Shana become a couple and all is, in general, resolved.

Aldnoah.Zero: the Second Earth-Mars War

Aldnoah.Zero is an anime series revolves around Inaho Kaizuka, a high school student, being dragged to fight in a conflict between the humans of Earth and Mars.

As someone who is a big fan of science-fiction, Aldnoah.Zero quickly became a favorite for me. The show portrays a world where humans have gone to Mars but now torn, for whatever reason, because of which planet they live in.


The inhabitants of Mars are motivated for their jealousy of how the humans of Earth are gifted with a life-rich planet and use their newly discovered, high-tech, alien technology to wage war against them.

Although writing for each important character in that conflict was poor, it was a great idea to ponder on since, in real life, we are setting our sights on having people live on Mars and the show just presents a rather good picture of how it would look like, with a little dash of fiction.

These are just a few examples of conflicts within anime that just show the viewers the effects and causes of war – usually its necessary and sometimes it’s sparked by trivial, political causes. It allows us to sympathize with the different characters and groups that are involved in the conflict and, if written right, the conflict becomes one of the few reasons on why we like a certain anime’s story.

What about you? Can you name a large-scale conflict that you found interesting and epic in your favorite anime/game/book? Share it in the comments below.

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