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Blend S and its unique display of humor

FIRST LOOK – Throughout looking at the various line-ups of titles in many anime seasons, the comedy genre has always been a hit-and-run for me. As someone who prefers a show with some deeper and serious tones, finding a good anime series that can genuinely get you laughing for the majority of one episode is kind of rare. For this fall season, I think Blend S covers that need for me quite nicely. 

The anime series, Blend S, has received a certain amount of fame. Largely due to the memes circulating about the show’s opening theme and the show’s incredible delivery of jokes that are not too repetitive. I am certainly applauding this show for finding every possible gimmick it can make in every episode.

Each episode has been certainly a fun experience for me and the show has served as this go-to series where I can just turn off my brain for awhile and just appreciate some well-written humor. Although the show’s cafe setting has been very much common with shows like Working! and the like, I think what drives the humor is this well-written dialogue between characters and their individual, unique personalities.

I swear this look sends a chill down my spine

The main female protagonist, for example, is your usual cute-sy character that is blessed, or cursed, with a menacing look from her eyes that just strikes fear into people she comes across with. This look comes in handy for her new part-time job in a cafe wherein workers don different personas and her’s definitely plays into her favor: a sadistic waitress.

The hilarity comes from how the female protagonist’s kind nature is opposite to the task she has been bestowed upon. It’s just funny to see someone who, in a natural state, appears kind and meek get all crass and dons a sadistic persona.

It is a totally new and fresh poke at the whole episodic show set in a cafe under the comedy genre. Usually we don’t really get to the nit-and-grit about otaku culture and cafes that serve this demographic, hence, themed-cafes. The show does a great job at humoring the entire idea of otakus having various preferences on specific characters.

The cafe manager at shock after being called a “mongrel” by Maika

Other than the humor, I think the romance sub-plot being introduced feels somewhat forced and out of place in a bubbly and hilarious show such as Blend S. But I guess it is somewhat similar to the romance comedy we see from shows like Tsuzure Children and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Nevertheless, I kind of understand the necessity of two characters having to interact romantically while also making those same interactions very humorous at the end. There is that little side of me that feels like the romance sub-plot feels very out of place.

Maika dishing out some great customer service

In all that pile of memes, jokes about otaku culture and a hint of fetishism – Blend S seems to be the go-to anime series if you need something to pick you up during your gloomy days.

Let us hope this show continues this path and does not stray any further.

What do you think about this show? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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