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RWBY Volume 5, Episode 2

EPISODE REACTION – This animation series is the gift that keeps on giving as we get a twenty or more minutes run time for this episode. As each episode is released, more questions remained unanswered and new ones are gradually raised. It is at this point that I am starting to find the plot for RWBY treading a very “safe” path, as it were.

Other than that, we will be tackling the second episode of the series’ fifth volume. Spoilers, as usual, are still abound and thus avert your eyes if you do not take kindly to these things.

The episode starts off with Professor Lionheart communicating with Salem, under Watts’ supervision, regarding the arrival of Team RNJR, Qrow and the whereabouts of the Spring Maiden.

Arthur Watts grins menacingly towards Professor Lionheart

The manipulation of Professor Lionheart was already clear as day ever since the fourth volume of this animation series. It was hinted so many times that frankly, I was kind of annoyed with this over-exposition that this show was doing for Watts’ reveal and how Lionheart would, eventually, betray Qrow and all of the good guys.

What got me interested was the interaction happening between Salem and Professor Lionheart. It was, as if, the two had a shared history that needed some expansion. Salem went on about how Lionheart has grown to become so brave ever since the first time they met.

It begs the question: what is Professor Lionheart’s connection with Salem and how big of a deal is it in the long run?

Professor Lionheart is strangled by the Seeker Grimm under Salem’s control

Next up in the episode, we get to see Weiss and the situation with the airship. Apparently the distress signal seemed to be much more nearer than they all thought and now they have to deal with Lancer Grimm.

It was great to finally see Weiss in action ever since that character short of hers was revealed months ago, as a advert for the new fifth volume. But looking at the fight sequence, it does not feel too exciting anymore. Sure, Weiss being able to summon whatever she pleases is an incredible improvement for her but I still feel that the fight lacked a hint of charm that was key to this show’s success, volumes ago.

Weiss summons a fireball projectile to be hurled at Lancer Grimm

However, this final portion of the episode was of the utmost importance: a confrontation between Adam and Sienna Khan, the de facto leader of the White Fang. I feel that it was already clear that, in essence, the White Fang is a progressive organization mean’t to elevate Fauness status in the world of Remnant. But this does not mean they are a terrorist organization.

Sure, they might have tried to infiltrate the city in which Beacon Academy once stood but it was all under the pre-tense of having humans understand and respect Fauness as equals. However, Adam has a more radical method which does not coincide with the majority of the White Fang.

Sienna Khan lectures Adam about his unwarranted actions regarding the Fall of Beacon

But sadly, that would be all the screen time we have of her. Adam forcibly takes over Sienna Khan’s place and assumes command of the White Fang in its entirety, much to the Hazel’s displeasure. Hazel, on the other hand, is a very odd fellow within Salem’s inner circle.

Before Adam’s coup, he presented himself before Sienna Khan and wished to put forward a deal that would benefit Salem and the White Fang. But before he could do it peacefully, Adam just had to escalate things into his liking.

From that scene, I guess we could say that Hazel is a chaotic pacifist? I don’t know if such personality exists.

Hazel pleads Sienna Khan for a moment of her time

With all the jazz, Adam has now become the de facto leader of the White Fang and who the hell would know what kind of trick he has up on his sleeve. I bet Hazel has second doubts about cooperating with Adam, seeing his actions in forcibly removing Sienna Khan from her position as leader.

Just look at that smug posture of his.

Adam takes the throne as leader of the White Fang

*cue Game of Thrones theme*

Other than that, the second episode seems to further build the tone of the volume, similar to what the first episode had done. I was kind of let-down by how the fighting felt sort of bland but here’s hoping it will improve in later episodes.

As to Adam’s actions, I wonder if Blake and the other characters present in Menagerie have received any news regarding this development as it will definitely affect their future plans in re-taking the White Fang and restoring it to its intended purpose.

What do you think of this episode? Share in the comments below!

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