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Expectation Mondays: Fall Anime Season of 2017

EXPECTATION MONDAYS – After being so busy for the past few months, there was little free time for me to dwell on the new titles for every anime season. There are still some shows in the previous season which I have not gone out and tried to finish out of pure laziness and time constraints. With the Fall Season starting up, I hope I can cover the shows that matter to me and you.

Here is a list of shows that I am hyped for the Fall Anime Season of 2017.

1) Mahoutsukai no Yome


The description, provided by, for this show is as follows:

Chise Hatori has lived a life full of neglect and abuse, devoid of anything resembling love. Far from the warmth of family, she has had her share of troubles and pitfalls. Just when all hope seems lost, a fateful encounter awaits her. When a man with the head of a beast, wielding strange powers, obtains her through a slave auction, Chise’s life will never be the same again.

After noticing a huge amount of praise from the community about this show, I decided to give it a watch before writing this post and let me tell you – the hype is well-deserved. Mahoutsukai no Yome is a show that tries to incorporate the ideas of Western films like the Harry Potter series and Beauty and the Beast, all the while feeling original.

In its first three episodes, there has been a great pace to its story, character development and world building as well as maintaining that level of entertainment through its comedic dialogue between the various characters in the shows.

I have huge expectations for this anime series and would not be surprised if it ended up the best of this season.

2) Just Because!


The description, provided by Crunchyroll, for this show is as follows:

The original anime Just Because! focuses on subtly portraying the feelings of a group of high school students nearing graduation. Near the end of second semester at third year, when students have very little time in high school left, and are just waiting for graduation, the appearance of a new transfer student begins to change what remains of their high school lives just as they were about to graduate.

I will be honest and say that I have certain biases for shows that depict a romantic, slice-of-life, drama show in a way that I cannot properly describe. Although, judging from the given description, it seems that the expectations I have from this show, which is to depict a feel-good show about romance in high school, will not be properly met as usual.

I am feeling a little bit optimistic for this show though.

3) Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series


The description, provided by ANN, for this show is as follows:

The story follows the travels of Kino, a young adventurer who rides a talking motorcycle named Hermes. They explore the people and cultures of different places throughout their adventures, spending only three days at each location.

Basically, what I am getting from the description is that the shows is basically the magical talking school motorcycle and Kino on an adventure to discover what it means to be men of culture.

Jokes aside, I think the concept of following a character in his travels through different places and how the culture of the natives affects or changes his perceptions is a great and original idea that, possibly, no show has done before.

I am definitely buckling up for this one.

4) Inuyashiki


The description, provided by Crunchyroll, for this show is as follows:

Ichiro Inuyashiki is down on his luck. While only 58 years old, his geriatric looks often have him written off as a pathetic old man by the world around him and he’s constantly ignored and disrespected by his family despite all that he’s done to support them. On top of everything else, his doctor has revealed that he has cancer and it appears that he has little time left in this world. But just when it seems things couldn’t get any worse, a blinding light in the night sky strikes the earth where Ichiro stands. He later wakes up to find himself unscathed, but he soon starts to notice that there’s something…different about himself.

The clips that have scattered throughout social media about this show has gotten me highly intrigued. Few clips of a character killing off innocent people, an old man with an artificial, machine-like body, someone sparing a woman because she likes a certain anime series – it feels like a really wild ride and I am willing to take part in it.

5) Blend S


The description, provided by ANN, for this show is as follows:

The story centers on a girl named Maika who gets a job at a cafe where all the waitresses are given certain attributes — such as “tsundere” or “little sister” — to embody while serving customers. The manager asks Maika to be the “Do S” (extreme sadist) waitress, so she will have to adopt a dominant and aggressive persona.

She protecc. But she also attacc.

The only selling point for me regarding this show is when it starts talking about someone having to be sadistic whilst serving customers in a cafe and that would be a hilarious thing to witness.

6) Anime-Gataris


The description, provided by ANN, for this show is as follows:

The anime centers on Minoa Asagaya, a new high school student in Sakaneko Private High School. Despite being a novice to anime, Minoa’s classmate Arisu Kamiigusa invites her to make an “anime research club” at school. Through conversations with her classmate Miko Kouenji, as well as various anime-loving upperclassmen, Minoa gradually gets hooked on anime. While they stand against the student council’s continuous efforts to disband their club, and they ignore the impending end of the world, they talk about anime, whether in Akiba, or in real-life “sacred place” anime settings, or the hot springs.

This show is basically asking you: will it be your life or anime?

Judging from the recent buzz about this anime series, it has shown to be quite the humorous piece of animated material that will appeal to the sensibilities of the common otaku. I have been baited.

Honorable Mentions

Here is a list of shows that did not really stand out that much for me in this fall season:

  • Imouto sae Ireba Ii
    > Because this anime is trash and so am I.
  • Net-juu no Susume
    > It appears to be a show about a NEET that gets sucked into a video game which has been highly repetitive but I will go ahead and give this show a try.
  • Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
    > Chibi girls in soldier suits confuse me but it seems to be interesting as the description states that these characters will be living in the ruins of a post-war world.

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