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Blog Update: Daily Blog Post Themes & Other Stuff

BLOG UPDATE – In the past few months, I have stuck to this one post per week rule where I try to dish out a new article every week. The whole rule seems great and all but I feel like pushing my limits, in terms of utilizing good schedules and keeping ideas fresh in my head. In that respect, I think setting up some themes would be great in order to keep me writing in a way that keeps me engaged, unlike how the current scheduling I am doing right now.

Starting next week, here is a list of what’s to come:

Expectation Mondays

Every Monday, I will be talking about five or less things that I am stoked about for the week. This could be a new episode of an anime series, a huge news announcement, an event within the community and the like.

This will keep me focused on stuff that I should be paying attention to whilst thinking of topics to talk about, in the blog, for the duration of the entire week.

Musical Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, I will be featuring a song, either from a game or an anime series, that has gotten my attention. As a pianist, I usually listen to new songs whenever I can and try to learn them so snippets of my piano playing could be found here (if I ever do get the luxury of time to do so).

I tried doing this sort of thing as a weekly song feature that was found on the right-hand side of the old blog theme I was using but I always failed to make an update, hopefully with this theme scheme I am doing the whole idea is realized.

In the Spotlight (Friday)

Every Friday, I try to highlight either an anime series, a game title, or a character from either of the two media forms. It would be pretty much similar to your usual “Top (insert number here) Best Characters” or any similar article but instead of a number of characters, it would just be one singular character.

This is to give emphasis as to why this character is so great and how he/she behaves in the game or anime title he/she comes from. Same goes for an anime series or game titled put in the spotlight.

Weekly Wrap (Saturday)

Every Saturday, I try to wrap up five or more things that were huge for the week – either a news announcement or a good article from a fellow blogger. This is because I noticed that the interactions I have with you, readers, have been really limited and constrained. Honestly, I want to hear how everyone thinks of my writing and do some good ol’ discourse.

Kind of new to this sort of “reaching out” thing but hey, I gotta start somewhere.

Other Stuff

Discussions, episode reactions, first impressions and the like will still be posted throughout the week about the recent anime or gaming titles that I have been following for the current season. I have decided to let this type of content loose since everything related to it is just out of my hat and had no proper planning whatsoever.

Although, this is pretty much late coming from me but yeah, I was able to join the Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect or OWLS group and they have been lovely people. It is always great to huddle up with people doing the same thing and share some great ideas. If you’re interested in joining us, give it a shot.

For updates on the blog and what I am planning to do, go and check out the blog’s twitter account.

Wrapping up

This entire thing is me trying to make sure the blog stays fresh and new with the writing I am dishing out as well as reaching out to other people within the community because it is getting kind of lonely here.

I think that’s all for this blog update.

What do you think of the new changes? Got a suggestion? Hit me up in the comments below.

– Miandro

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