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Top 5 Anticipated Shows of the Summer Season

ANIME, DISCUSSION – As the spring season comes to an end, a new one opens filled with interesting titles that may or may not become the best of this year. Personally, the spring season had a few letdown titles and I was left with only two shows completed and the others on hold (I will get on them eventually).

Without further ado, allow me to list down five shows which I’m itching to watch this summer season.

5. Koi to Uso

Koi to Uso has caught my interest because of its setting: the government chooses your future spouse at the age of 16 and by no means you should not follow this.

In short, everyone’s partners are predetermined according to genetic compatibility and not on the basis of romance or love. Here enters our main character, Yukari Nejima, a fifteen year old who does not agree with this predetermined system and loves his long-time classmate, Misaki Takasaki.

In this show, I would like to expect how Yukari deals with this predicament and will he let his true feelings go or be against the government’s orders and love a person truthfully?

Just recently watched the first episode and I will be sharing my thoughts about it later.

4. Gamers!


Gamers! would probably be my “stress-relief” show as it has been tagged with the genres: comedy, drama, slice of life, romance, and of course, ecchi.

According to the synopsis, the show centers around a video game club and the lives of their members. It is quite vague in description but I am assuming it will fall under the lines of just slapstick comedy about these five people who have unique personalities and reasons for why they play video games.

Or it could just be trash, who knows?

3. Centaur no Nayami

Centaur no Nayami centers around a half-human and half-centaur high school female student along with a bunch of her supernatural classmates fitted with horns, wings, and all of that fantastical stuff.

Similar to Monster Musume and that one show about monster girls who look not in the slightest bit resembling a monster girl in the sense that these characters will be dealing with high school and daily life.

At least, there’s no distracting plot.

2. Princess Principal

Princess Principal was all the hype coming out of AnimeLab and Crunchyroll after its first episode got announced = this caught my interest.

It’s a show set in 19th century London focusing on girls who serve as undercover spies and get enrolled into a certain school for reasons not described in the synopsis. This feels all too familiar when I first looked at Akuma no Riddle and similar shows. A feeling which goes, “I know there’s some sort of yuri innuendo in here but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

It also has this sort of Baccano! feel to it, even though I haven’t watched the show, I saw a fair amount of clips to compare it with the recent preview video that was released.

I’m going to give the community the benefit of a doubt and go ahead, strap myself in and enjoy the hell out of this show.

1. Ballroom e Youkoso

Ballroom e Youkoso centers around a middle-school student named Tatara Fujita who is currently at a crossroads on what to do with his life. He has no friends or anything that can hold his attention.

As he was attacked by some thugs, he was rescued by an unknown guy. However, unbeknownst to him, this person was actually a ballroom dance instructor. After being influenced to take a few beginner classes, Fujita has been sucked into the dance form and has decided to enter the world of competitive ballroom dancing.

Honestly, there has been a lot of shows regarding sports or athletics like Free! Iwatobi Swim ClubYuri on IceHaikyu and others but this one takes my interest: a show about ballroom dancing.

This is pretty much my highly anticipated show for this season after the preview video caught my interest for its wonderful animation flow and incorporation of CGI when it came to the dancing. Reminded me of Bakuman and it had this same theatrical vibe similar to Koe no Katachi.

So these are my top five picks for this season and you can probably guess what I’m going to follow for this summer season.

What about you? Got some gems that I forgot to mention? Leave a comment below!

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