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Ymir’s quick turn from douche to compelling

ANIME, DISCUSSION – Ymir as a character has unexpectedly grown in terms of character development. In the first season, she was nothing short of this douche-y tomboy who had a thing for another female character, Christa. However, as we see her in every episode of the second season, she has indeed grown.

For the first season, Ymir was generally introduced as a selfish individual who would exploit other people to her advantage but she had a different approach when it came to Christa. As time goes on, we see that Ymir views Christa as an equal.


In the second season, Christa was revealed to have been a daughter of a noble family with significant ties to the Church or the “Cult of the Wall” as I would like to call it. However, due to political reasons, she was forced to let go of her family name and live as a normal person, become part of the military, and never return again.

Ymir has a similar background with Christa. She, herself, was a member of sorts with a similar cult and revered as a demigod being that she allegedly had the blood of a king. It was a great life for her: she had great food, was respected and lived in pure bliss – best of all, she gave joy to her followers.

When the police force came, the cult was shut down and she was blamed to be the source of the cult – being that she forced all of the worshipers to believe in her to be of royal/holy descent. The problem here was that instead of denying such accusations, she accepted them in order to save her followers – but that didn’t do jack-shit now.


When she was kidnapped by Reiner and Berholdt along with Eren, she had only one goal in mind: to get back to Christa, even if it puts her entire life in the balance. I understand that Ymir views Christa as an equal in the romantic sense but there seems to be more than that.

Throughout the entirety of the series, she has displayed a disturbing set of morals which I don’t even know if it’s proper to even call them “morals.” She is, in a way, really crazy and for a reason.

She was a beggar. She was taken away by strangers and became the center figure for a cult. She was arrested, stoned in public, thrown into a pit which ultimately made her lose sense of reason thus becoming a Titan Shifter. She roamed the wilderness for almost sixty years and recovered her humanity after meeting with Reiner, Berholdt and their group when they were still kids – thus we got to the Ymir eating Reiner and Berholdt’s friend part.

That’s a lot of shit to experience. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into – she was forced. Because of that, she has this mindset that she has always never made a choice for herself and has decided that she is going to change that in the most ridiculous and disturbing ways possible.


Her actions for the entirety of the series towards the main cast are very much disgusting and selfish. But then again, nobody knows the logical thinking and experiences she had to consider as she was making those douche remarks and manipulations. This is how she saw the world and she deemed it fit to be done on others.

People like Ymir are misunderstood individuals. I can’t respect her actions and decisions in the series if she were a real person, but I would greatly understand and sympathize with her if I knew her backstory.

It goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Especially if the book’s contents shows a child getting taken away to become a cult deity, gets tortured in the process, loses her humanity for sixty years, finds the love of her life later on but it’s hard to be with her because of circumstance.

With this, I could go on and make another discussion regarding the nature of the Titans themselves – stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading.

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Ymir is one of the more interesting characters in the series. Her backstory is good and they dud a good job of fleshing her out some especially in the manga (I still have to catch up on the show), but she isn’t the most interesting character and her little love for Christa seems a bit possessive or something like that to me. The most interesting thing about her is that she’s over 60 and looks fine as hell.


I like Ymir. She’s unpredictable, and you’ll never know how she’ll behave in any situation. Her obsession with Christa is very intriguing though, since I think its deeper than a crush thing. I haven’t read the manga, but when she said Christa is also important to Reiner and Berthold, then it really got me thinking.
Also, the blood of the king thing is so fascinating. It strangely relates to all the weird things you see in the ending sequence, including a bunch of kids eating a corpse and the final image of titans and humans worshipping something together.
BTW, I also love how much you don’t like Ymir. It’s like a mark of a true effective character to get the audience to react that way. 🙂 I’m sure a lot of people hate her too.

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I plan to write up a post on what I believe is to be the interpretation of the ending since it is a big spoiler tag waiting to be decoded by someone and I’d like to try it out.

As for how I see Ymir as a character, it’s a two-sided coin. There are times where she’s commendable and times when her moral compass is just whacked. I think it makes her a great character to watch.


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