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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 29

Day 29: Anime I wished was real

Anime, manga, light novels and other similar mediums take pride in exploring the fantasies of the human mind. In this case, there’s a spice of Japanese culture and fascination. I think there’s one anime series in particular that I would wish was real.


Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is an anime series set in the distant future wherein “Magic” is no longer mere fiction and has become part of modern technology. Imagine the possibilities when such thing becomes part of science – we’re talking about advanced cities, gadgetry, and lastly weapons.

In this universe, the world is currently set in this “Cold War” mentality wherein instead of a nuclear arms race, there’s a magician population race. This is because magic can be used by those gifted to do so through genetics.

The study and usage of magic has been integrated by each country’s educational and defense ministries to be part of school curriculum. How cool is that – magic as a subject, to be taught and learnt. Magic manipulation as a sport – that’s goddamned cool.

Gravity manipulation, freezing objects, flight of a human person – all of these dreams are now reality with the advent of magic as a type of technology. We’re talking about people who fly through the skies, people who can make objects float, creation of ice and snow – all of these things which were just fantasy is now a part of real technology.

The problem with new technology though is that it has its negatives: the discovery of nuclear atoms led to the nuclear bomb, discovery of gunpowder led to the production of guns and so on. In a world where magic exists as technology, no doubt there’d be countries and extremist rebel groups that would use this as means of destruction.

No doubt though – once magic gets real and becomes actual technologies. The benefits and cons are very high. Despite all that, I want the universe of Mahouka to become reality and hey, something of the sort is definitely in the horizon.

I’m quite interested in technology and currently we are classified as a Type II civilization capable of the stuff we are able to do now. In a few thousand years, humanity will become a Type III civilization – a space-faring civilization, where we could use the rockets we have now or develop new technology such as generation of wormholes. Hey, who knows?

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