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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 28

Day 28: Favorite Quote from any Anime Character

Quotes can affect us in many different ways. Some people use it as to motivate themselves while others use it as part of their life philosophy. I could categorize myself as the second type of people when it comes to this quote.

Expecting others to read your mind is delusional.

But… I…

“It’s not empty words I’m after. There was something else I desired all along. Not mutual understanding, friendship, companionship or anything of the sort. I don’t care about being understood. I simply wish to understand. Understand, know, and rest easy with that knowledge, gain some peace of mind. Wanting to know people inside-out because being in the dark terrifies me is an awfully self-indulgent, egotistic, and arrogant wish. It’s downright despicable and disgusting. Having a desire like that makes me sick to the stomach! But if it’s all possible to share that desire – if it’s possible to have a relationship where you’re free to burden one another with that repulsive self-gratification… I know it’s out of the question! I know it’s out of my reach! Even so!

Even so, I… I… I want something genuine.

Hikigaya Hachiman has made said multiple things in the anime series which are relate-able quotes that has served as some sort of inspiration for the viewers. He is a self-aware loner and loathes everyone, despises youth and reads deep into the lines.

What’s great about this quote is that it reaches to me in a personal level since I was always the person who preferred to stay out of everyone’s sight but at the same time, I wanted to understand them as a whole.

The depressing thing about human communication is that we converse in such a way that we don’t mean what we say. There could be some sort of ulterior motive behind your words and actions thus the person who’s conversing with you can’t really put his full trust on you.

Just like Hikigaya, I, too, wish to understand my friends and everyone I come across in my life to the point where there are no barriers, no suspicion and no reading between the lines. I want a relationship where I can understand the person and therefore know him or her fully and trust them.

Of course, this is a very superficial and selfish idea that would never come true but I still hope that I can find someone who is willing to develop such connections with me.

Like Hikigaya, I wish to understand everyone and perhaps, help them as much as I can – not for them but to make sure that no one goes the same sufferings I had faced throughout my life.

I’m sure most viewers felt the same way as they listened to this quote.

One reply on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 28”

Hachiman is very quotable and most of what he says makes sense even when you don’t personally agree with it (though tragically his outlook on the world is very similar to mine from high school). Thanks for sharing a great quote.


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