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Attack on Titan 2 – Episode 8

REACTION – We continue where we left off in the previous episode as the Colossal Titan dives headlong into the pinned down Eren from the tops of the wall. The resulting impact blew and burnt most of the Scouts such as Mikasa and Hanji.

Hours after that, Commander Pyxis, Erwin and other forces of the military gather in the Trost district and are informed about the engagement between the Scouts and the Colossal and Armored Titans, and Eren and Ymir being captured.


Back at the top of the walls, Mikasa regains consciousness and gets panicking after realizing that Eren had been kidnapped by the two traitors. She, Armin and Hannes recollect their childhood as Eren was fighting off bullies. Hannes assures the two that Eren’s resolve is so frightening that he would probably be fine against Reiner and Berholdt.

Erwin and the rest of the military arrives at the wall. Hanji, struggling to get up, asks for a map and suggests that Reiner and Berholdt might have taken refuge in the nearby forest and proposes that they attack there.


Eren and Ymir are shown later on regaining consciousness and regenerating their lost limbs while Reiner and Berholdt watch over them.

Honestly, this entire episode is, again, a flashback and build-up for the upcoming fight between the reinforcing scouts and the Armored and Colossal Titan. We get to see a little bit of Mikasa and Armin’s relationship to Eren, Hannes’ adoration of the trio and the involvement of the Military Police since they were never involved in any fight.

There’s not much to note about this episode other than: firstly, Eren has gotten his shit together from the previous episode and Mikasa is out for blood. I would like to see Levi in action but considering that he was injured in the fight against the Female Titan, I doubt that we’d see that soon.

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