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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 27

Day 27: Most Badass Scene From Any Anime Character

What makes something badass? That’s a pretty subjective question. Usually it all falls down to the observer to analyze every event: motion, actions, and dialogue – in order to rightfully say that this event was the most badass they’ve seen from any person.

Most of the community would choose fight scenes or flashy acts from their favorite anime characters. But this one scene from Hikigaya Hachiman, the main protagonist of Oregairu.

As for me, this scene was the most badass act to be done by any character.

To give you some little context, the series is currently at the cultural festival arc and Hikigaya is part of the organizing committee along with the other characters. As of that scene, the committee head has run off due to embarrassment since she never delivered the opening speech of the festival pretty well.

The main problem about the entire festival was that people needed some sort of motivation to do their work, specifically the top brass. What else to put some motivation in people by constructing a common enemy?

You know what Hikigaya did? He became that common enemy.

He was the first one to find where the committee head had run off to then followed by her friends and Hayama. As she goes on about how bad she was, Hikigaya goes ahead and say, “Yeah, you suck.

Hikigaya becomes the antagonist and talks about how selfish the committee head is by running off. He adds salt to the wound when he said, “Hey, I was the first to find you. Does that mean that no one bothered to find you at all?

Hikigaya paints the committee head as a narcissist, who wanted the job just so the spotlight could be on her alone. That she wants to be wanted and does not even care about the event in general.

And that was probably the best out of Hachiman: to unite everyone, he becomes the villain.

He does this a lot of times but this could be one of the best things he’s done out of the entire series that needs to be featured.

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