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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 26

Day 26: Best Anime Fight

Once again, fight scenes are usually restricted to the shonen genre – something that I don’t really watch all too much. For this, I am choosing something much more recent but still probably the best fight scene I have seen thus far.

The last fight between Sasuke and Naruto from the long-running shonen series, Naruto.

I found this scene while I was just rummaging through random videos in Youtube and I found it really well-executed.

The majority of the fight lacks any sort of dialogue and you can just feel that air of seriousness around them. It starts off as they run towards each other – the symbolism is great in this one as their old looks throughout the series are shown as they run.

What’s amazing was the blocking of any jutsu used. You can tell that Sasuke tries to interrupt Naruto every time he attempts to use a jutsu. It goes to show how well both of them know each other to the extent of their fighting styles.

As the fight progresses, they transform to their respective ultimate forms (I don’t know what you call this, I am sorry, triggered fans). Throughout their fight, they show some flashbacks of their younger days. A flashback of a young Naruto and Sasuke meeting at the riverside, being angry at each other.

More flashbacks are shown of their multiple clashes as they fight.

Naruto pins down Sasuke and attempts to finish him off but hesitates. Sasuke counters with his own attacks and the fight goes on for more minutes. They just continue fight, on and on, until they get real exhausted.

Despite being beat up, they keep on fighting each other. Both of them lose their chakras but still keep fighting. It’s just a wonderful, well-orchestrated fight scene – just a slug-fest between two former friends dishing out their ulterior motives.

They can’t even stand up and yet they continued brawling each other.

This are the elements of a good fight scene: not sheer overpowered magic, skill, or flashy actions but just two people fighting each other to protect what they believe in.

Although I may need to watch the series in its entirety, viewing this fight scene has had me sold on the series. I’m just lazy to watch the entire thing.

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