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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 25

Day 25: Saddest Anime Death

There are a lot of dead anime characters who had the most depressing and saddest of deaths. We’ve got Kaori from Your Lie in April, Nagisa from Clannad, Menma from AnoHana – to name a few of them. However, I have chosen the most saddest anime death for me personally and I will explain to you why it is as it is – sad.


In the anime series, Black Bullet, humanity is in the brink of extinction after being repeatedly attacked by giant insects known as Gastrea. People have taken up sanctuary in the major cities protected by huge monoliths made out of Varanium which wards off these Gastrea like a big wall.

The organization, Civil Security, is in-charge of combating Gastrea that find their way inside the cities. Usually the Civil Security works in partner teams: one promoter, a normal human and an initiator, a Cursed Child. These cursed children are girls who have been genetically altered to fight these Gastrea.

In the current world where this anime series is set, there is a huge hate for cursed children by society. They are branded as abominations, cursed – hence why they were called Cursed Children.

Hate so bad, in the tenth episode of this anime series, the main protagonist’s class of Cursed Children was bombed by anti-Cursed Children sympathizers. Imagine – little kids, girls, just bombed out of people’s fear and hate? That’s twisted to me. Hell, that’s despicable.

 These children are the protectors of humanity and despite all of that, they are treated as second-class individuals – as slaves. Ignoring the altered blood that runs in their veins, they are still human enough to feel what other humans feel.

This whole scene kind of reminds me of the current abuses to children the real world is having. Child labor, abuse, children involved in terrorism, children killed because of terrorism, little girls sexually abused and forced into young marriages – it’s just goddamned sad.

Although the video doesn’t show the exact act of bombing, the look of despair in the main protagonist face goes to show his developed hate for the current society who hate Cursed Children. He sulks and consoles his initiator Enju who has made friends with the now-deceased girls of that said class.

It’s just goddamned revolting and sad to see children getting abused in any form of medium.

3 replies on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 25”

This had a loli that blinded herself, right? It was sad, but I remember the story being so rushed that the deaths didn’t have time to really make an impact. It was shocking though, I agree.


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