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30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 24

Day 24: Moment that shocked you the most in any anime

There were a lot of moments which I could say have shocked me. Although most of them were forgettable except for that one scene in anime series called Your Lie in April. It was the most obvious outcome but still got me really surprised. The scene was executed in such a way that you knew it was coming but it still hit you right in the head.


The scene, which is over seven minutes long, starts off with a letter from Kaori to the main protagonist, Kousei Arima. She begins with “Arima Kousei-sama” which is kind of weird because we don’t usually get to see the full extent of how Kaori sees Kousei other than he is her Friend A.

She, then, tells about her first meeting with Kousei which was when she was five years old – which is pretty surprising. Kaori witnessed Kousei’s first piano performance and was astonished at what she heard – a colorful 24-palette performance. At that moment, Kousei became her object of admiration.

But she was disheartened when she heard that Kousei would quit playing the piano. After inspiring her, Kousei – the object of her admiration, would suddenly lose all hope and she found that really awful.

This is where she got the idea of playing the violin so she could have Kousei play the piano for her.

When high school came, Kaori didn’t expect Kousei to be schooling at the same place. So she thought of ways to get closer to him but was discourage as she saw Kousei, Tsubaki and Watari so closely together – it left no space for an outsider like her.

In her letter, she noted the many times she got into the hospital for her condition and after seeing the grief she caused on her parents, she decided to go all out and live life to the fullest. She began wearing contact lenses, ate a lot of desserts and just enjoyed the hell out of everything as if it were her last.

Along these lines, she revealed that she told a single lie – that she liked Watari. Although it was pretty obvious that Watari and Kaori never clicked but it was really devious of her to use that as a way to get into their circle of friends.

In the letter, she apologizes to both Watari and Tsubaki. To Watari, being that she never truly loved him. To Tsubaki, because Kaori intruded on Tsubaki’s chances to get into a relationship with Kousei – thus sparking this confusing love triangle which would last only for a few months.

She did this because she realized Tsubaki’s feelings and didn’t want to appear too obstructive (sketchy idea, Kaori).

At the last parts of the letter, she asks “was I able to live in your heart?” To which Kousei internally says, “you barged right in.”

Will you remember me?” Kaori asks.

If I ever forgot you, you’d probably haunt me” Kousei replies.

I love you” declares Kaori, over and over again.

She repeatedly apologizes for barging in and being gone like a flash but thanks him for the time. A photo is attached to the letter showing Kousei walking behind Kaori as she takes a picture with her friend when they were five years old.

The shocking part of this scene was the revelation that Kaori has known Kousei for a very long time ever since her childhood. While that can be creepy if you look at it differently, you can ignore it as Kaori narrates this apology and confession letter she has given to Kousei Arima.

The anime does justice with the usage of the acoustic ending theme coupled with emotional scenes as the letter is narrated. That part where Kaori asks if Kousei will remember her was emotional because, let’s be frank, dead people are usually forgotten by the majority except for their families and close friends.

This whole death of Kaori Miyazono is shocking in itself since the viewers could easily misunderstand that the surgery she went through was going to be a success. But no, this anime series values great storytelling and has decided for a tragic but feel-good ending that will leave the entire community is divide arguing on whether it was the best or worst ending.

Also this article is late, I apologize for that.

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